Hetroflexibility (the male issue) from Warriors' Experience

  • Hetroflexibility (the male issue)


Théun, I would like to know more about what you refer to as the male issue.


The male issue, or more precisely, heteroflexibility, is a phenomenon I have been researching for some time now. As far as I have been able to ascertain up until now heteroflexibility is either an aspect of that mind-set which is present in heterosexual men who have bisexual tendencies, or else it is quite closely allied to this. But in any event it concerns the fact that there is a growing number of heterosexual men in the world today who seek out sexual intercourse with other men.

The odd thing about this is the fact that this phenomenon has been around in the world for ever and a day, but NOT in its PRESENT FORM. Toltecs are fully familiar with this phenomenon and its causes as it has manifested throughout the ages up until now. But what has caught my attention and made it clear that what we are witnessing in the world today is no longer the same FORM of this phenomenon as we have had up until now, is the fact that when heterosexual men in the past engaged in sexual activity with other men, no matter WHAT their reasons for doing so were, these men, being heterosexual, always REMAINED firmly heterosexual and never SUBMITTED to being the PASSIVE partner in the encounter.

Now, however, there is a growing number of men in the world that are actively seeking out men who are willing to fuck them, even though being fucked does not appear to affect their sense of masculinity or heterosexuality in any way! I am specifically using the word "fuck," not because I am wanting to be crude, but because from what I have learned up until now is that this is the only way in which these men can EMOTIONALLY cope with the experiences they are willingly seeking out and engaging in! In other words, these men, being heterosexual, do NOT WANT a man to "make love" to them, or to express any sense of warmth towards them, for they "feel" that if they were to submit to this it would somehow prove that they are homosexual. So, instead they just want to be fucked and then get the hell out of there! It makes no sense at all and yet this IS what is busy happening more and more in the world today!