Hetroflexibility (the male issue) from Warriors' Experience

  • Hetroflexibility (the male issue)


Is heteroflexibility a result of having Submission as a shortcoming?


No. Men with the shortcoming Submission are not the ONLY heterosexual men with this challenge!

What I have learned in my research work surrounding heteroflexibility is that what we are looking at here is much, MUCH more than just animal lust, but that it is in fact a form of true bisexuality, namely, mapping out the unknown concerning both the male AND the female.

In Volume V I make no secret of the fact that bisexuality is still very MUCH a mystery to Toltecs, and that until such time as we can enter the Unknowable, as opposed to the Unknown, we have to content ourselves with working merely with the EXPRESSION of this within life, rather than with the ORIGIN or SOURCE. However, working with any EXPRESSION is ALWAYS a very great RISK, in that one CAN go off on all sorts of impossible tangents because of not working with the REAL thing! It is every bit as DANGEROUS as the little self trying to EXPLAIN the TRUE Self when it has ZERO experience of the true Self! Furthermore, as you and everybody who has read the books know, being a Three-Prong nagal makes me a bisexual and, as such, simply by mapping out the Unknown concerning my OWN inner being I have no small amount of knowledge concerning bisexuality, but STILL I am not foolish enough to THINK that I actually understand my Self fully! On the contrary, I have long since LEARNED to ACCEPT the fact that living in a heterosexual universe I know a great deal more about heterosexuality than about bisexuality! In other words, I am MORE capable of helping heterosexuals than someone like myself! LOL! Ironic but true! I am truly a mystery even unto myself! LOL!