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I acknowledge the fact that I too display the symptoms of the heteroflexible. But now that I understand this tendency a little better I can also see that this has perhaps been caused by me always having seen togetherness and physical intimacy as being one and the same thing. But I must also add that up until now I have never had homosexual intercourse and I am relieved about this.


LOL! Why are you feeling so bad about all of this? Are we REALLY talking about homosexual sex in discussing heteroflexibility? I don't believe we are! It is just NOT possible for thousands upon thousands of heterosexual men to suddenly start becoming homosexual! No, my friend, there is something at work here, and since you are not the only male apprentice I am working with who feels attracted to the MALE POWER, and note I am choosing my words with GREAT care, it has been clear to me for some time that men like you have a role to play in helping to map out this particular aspect of the Unknown starting to manifest so prevalently in the world today. :)

But at this point in time you are so caught up in the FORM that you cannot as yet see the wood for the trees! For example, is it men you feel attracted to, or is it what men represent for you? Similarly, is your attraction truly sexual, or is your attraction the manifestation of something your MIND is interpreting as being sex? You are so QUICK, because of your FEAR, in thinking that you have all the answers to this phenomenon and that you can now forget about it, that you are desperately trying to find a good excuse for SUPPRESSING your TRUE feelings! In other words, you are trying to use your MIND to convince yourself that you understand what is happening for you with your attraction towards other men! But what is your HEART really TRYING to guide you towards? At this rate you are going to miss the plot BIG time, unless you calm down, stop feeling so bad about yourself, and learn some goddamned HUMILITY in terms of ACCEPTING yourself warts and all!