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I have come to learn that much of my behaviour is that of the seductress. How should I be working with this issue, Théun?


You are not alone when it comes to seduction. In fact, seduction is as old as humanity itself, for it has been with us since time immemorial! I mention this because seduction in all of its MANY forms, whether sexual or not, is very DEEPLY ingrained within humanity's general view of the world and therefore in its perception!

As such seduction, that is, either the act of seducing or the act of being seduced, can be as subtle as wanting to learn or as obvious as the fondling of someone's genitals. However, as always, it is NOT the ACT per se that constitutes the seduction, but the MOTIVE, or more precisely, the DESIRE behind the act! For example, a parent washing his or her child's genitals is simply washing the child's genitals, for there is no other motive other than to clean the child and to teach it personal hygiene. Likewise, most children will start to explore their sense of sexuality already at a very early age, and will OFTEN do so by playing with the genitals of another child. Yet once again, the motive is quite innocent, namely, curiosity concerning the physical differences dictated by gender and curiosity concerning the sexual act. But needless to say, curiosity itself is a form of seduction, as is the desire to learn! B-:) Can you now see why I teach that seduction can be exceedingly subtle?

Furthermore, from these two examples one can also see how seduction forms an INTEGRAL part of life upon the physical plane, for in the final analysis seduction is really the DESIRE TO LEARN, which has its roots in, what can only be termed, the DIVINE WILL-TO-EXPERIENCE. Therefore, as with anything else within life, seduction per se is neither good nor bad! But what makes seduction good or bad is the underlying MOTIVE! Is that motive life-supportive, or is it life-destructive? Does the motive which brings about the experience serve to UPLIFT, or does it merely serve a self-centred gratification of sorts that is detrimental to life in one way or another?

My friend, I have taken this particular approach in speaking about seduction so as to show you that seduction is NOT only negative, and that in continuing to explore this issue within your own life you must not fall into the trap of viewing it as being only bad and only negative! As with ALL of our experiences within life we NEED to aim for an OBJECTIVE understanding of our experiences, for UNDERSTANDING, when it is UNBIASED, that is, when it is OBJECTIVE, leads to KNOWLEDGE, and knowledge is POWER! But an "understanding" that is not objective is, by implication, an ASSUMED understanding based upon PREJUDICE, and prejudice of any kind must and will eventually lead to JUDGEMENT, irrespective of whether this is judgement of others or judgement of self!