Sorcerer (s), the Old from Warriors' Experience

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  • Christ, the, and Judas

Friends, as I have warned you before, MANY times, the Great Wheel of Evolution has turned, and in turning the Old Sorcerers of Atlantis are with us once again, except that THIS time round we have nowhere left to run to! This time round we are going to HAVE to take our STAND against them! But WHAT does this mean? It means that whilst in the days of Atlantis humanity could be excused on the grounds of being too feeble-minded as of yet to THINK for itself, this time round humanity has NO such excuse! Today each and EVERY ONE of us have the ABILITY to LEARN, to THINK and to DECIDE FOR ourselves and BY ourselves! This IS, after all said and done, the Cry of the Eagle, and therefore it is up to EACH and EVERY INDIVIDUAL the world over to DECIDE whether he or she is going to CONTINUE to live in a state of IGNORANCE and suffer the CONSEQUENCES of this, or NOT! In other words, it is TIME for INDIVIDUALS the world over to SEIZE their FLEETING MOMENT of CHANCE, or continue to hand their power over to those that do NOT have their well-fare at heart!

How does the "powerless" individual do this? But then why ask such an INVALID question? <sg> Did A.M. Bower, that is, Rothschild have to be TOLD HOW? No, of course, not! He simply saw his fleeting moment of chance and seized it! But, needless to say, Bower could NOT have DONE this had he been as IGNORANT as the rest of his fellow humans! The rest is, as many related articles today show, HISTORY!

However, it is up to US to write that history, that is, IF we claim to be warriors and NOT mere VICTIMS of our own ignorance! So WHAT KIND of HISTORY are we going to write for ourselves and for our fellow HU-MAN creatures? A history of powerless individuals? Or a history of individuals that MAKE a DIFFERENCE within the world we live in?

And yes, the Tibetan is right! It is NOT the Rothschilds of this world that are BAD, for the likes of these MUST and DO reflect for humanity the CONSEQUENCES of its OWN weaknesses, namely, its LAZINESS, its IGNORANCE, its sense of APATHY and its sense of HELPLESSNESS! So how can one NOT love those that serve, albeit serving in the sense of doing the dirty work, the BETRAYAL? SOME-ONE had to be Judas! SOME-ONE must show humanity the consequences of its LACK of taking RESPONSIBILITY for its OWN ACTIONS! But should Judas be hated? Should the Rothschilds be hated? How can Judas be more or less important within the GREATER SCHEME of things than the Christ? How can the Rothschilds be more or less important than humanity? Do the Rothschilds not EMBODY for humanity its OWN sense of GREED because of its inherent LAZINESS? But do the Rothschilds not ALSO embody for humanity its HIDDEN WILL to WIN, no matter how MANY times the human spirit is faced with imminent failure and ruin?

So when I state that this time round we will HAVE to take a STAND AGAINST them, what I am really saying is that this time round we will HAVE to look DEEP within our MIRRORS, and then take a STAND on WHAT we BELIEVE in! In other words, this is NOT really about the likes of the Rothschilds, but about the LIKES of you and me! The Rothschilds are merely the INSTRUMENTS of power - OUR power - a power which YOU and I generate each moment of OUR existence so that WE may LEARN from our OWN folly - a folly for which we NEED a mirror or two, no matter their names - Rothschild, X, Y, Z, or anyone else!