Men, with low esteem from Warriors' Experience

  • Men, with low esteem


Théun, why do you keep teasing me about being horny?


LOL! I am pleased to see that you are perceptive enough to have noted the teasing to be of importance. :)

Men with a low self-image all too often resort to THINKING that they can make up for their sense of low self-worth by behaving, that is, thinking, feeling and acting, like the macho stud who is ALWAYS willing to perform whenever, wherever and with whoever! LOL!

What a POOR way in which to TRY to EXPRESS a sense of self-worth! But, of course, as with everything else, if you do it in one area of your life, you will be doing it everywhere! So, in your case, whether you are aware of this or not, you tend to come across as an over-sexed pup in just about everything you do! <ebwg>