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  • Internal dialogue/chatter, results of


Théun, I know that I express myself badly, but why did you tell me some time ago to cultivate an impeccable internal dialogue?


LOL! I was TEASING you about the need to cultivate an impeccable internal dialogue! But you DO know, don't you, that the idea is to STOP the internal dialogue, not to perfect it! LOL!

Yet also, BECAUSE we are the product of our speech, whether verbalized, written or simply in the head, it is of VITAL importance that you work at VERBALISING yourself in a self-uplifting and self-empowering way! For example, instead of saying, "I express myself badly," it is better to say, "I have noticed that I do not YET express myself as ACCURATELY as I know I CAN do, and INTEND to DO!" :)