Sun (s), the three from Warriors' Experience

  • Sun (s), the three
  • Solar Being, the, heart of
  • One About Whom Naught May Be Said, the


What exactly is the sun?


The sun, that is the Solar Being we term the sun, is a truly vast Being from our little perspective. A Planetary Being, like the Spirit of Atl, utilizes a PLANET as It's DENSE physical EXPRESSION, but a Solar Being utilizes an entire Solar System as an EXPRESSION of It's DENSE physical manifestation!

Peculiarly, and this is something we know but do not really grasp in all of its implications, a Solar Being chooses to MANIFEST the PHYSICAL COUNTERPART of its HEART CENTRE through the medium of what we know as a physical sun. Therefore what we deem to be our sun is in reality the PHYSICAL COUNTERPART of our Solar Being's HEART CENTRE, and what scientists have noted as being cyclical solar spot activity, is in fact the beating of that great Heart!

So we have, from one point of view, the PHYSICAL HEART, that is, the physical sun; we have the ACTIVE HEART, that is, the ENERGY or the EXPRESSION of the sun; and we have the CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN, that is, the etheric Heart, of Him referred to as THE ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. These three suns are the three aspects of the Heart Centre of a Solar Being.