Laziness, explained from Warriors' Experience

  • Laziness, explained


Théun, why do you state that humanity is lazy?


The laziness which I term as being inherent within the human being is something the vast majority of humanity never even pauses to consider, namely, making the EFFORT to see for oneself, through EXPERIENCE, that nothing, no human, no animal, no plant, no insect, no whatever, is more or less important than anything else! Why? Simply because ALL of life is inter-related, interactive and therefore INTERDEPENDENT! If people were to drop all of their self-pity, their self-importance, and above all, their LAZINESS in order to LEARN this one ALL-IMPORTANT FACT of life, they would change their view of the world overnight and indeed, also themselves! But people find it EASIER to piss and moan, to feel hard-done-by, to believe that they are underpaid, overworked and under-valued than to FIND within themselves their TRUE VALUE as a unit of the One Life! :) Yet, of course, within this there is a great MANY implications! Let us look at just ONE of these.

To find one's true value within life takes a LOT of that unpleasant stuff commonly called "soul searching." LOL! Soul searching, or searching one's HEART, if you prefer, brings one hard-up against all those little not-so-nice aspects of one's beingness which most people prefer NOT to acknowledge are there! The fact that our shortcomings are our passage to power is quite irrelevant to most people - they just HATE to see themselves in such an imperfect light! LOL! And the fact that our BEHAVIOUR merely reflects the gaps in our knowledge is also not too much consolation when one believes one is already a saint! <wg>

Yet all of this is but the STARTING point, for once one has come to understand oneself OBJECTIVELY, and has come to ACCEPT oneself warts and all, then one runs into the next little obstacle! Because we come into life to LEARN it stands to reason that in order to FULFILL our POTENTIAL within any one given lifetime, and therefore to MANIFEST one's TRUE VALUE within that lifetime as a unit of the One Life, we have a GREAT deal to LEARN in order to do so! So, "Oh dear! What must I learn? How must I learn it? From whom will I learn it? Sob! Sob! I am just so helpless and overwhelmed! Oh dear me, what shall I do?" <ebwg>

Laziness? You bet! LOL!