Ability, versus perceived ability from Warriors' Experience

  • Ability, versus perceived ability


I feel that I try very hard to learn within my present capabilities. But I have recently started to wonder if this belief is not perhaps what is holding me back?


LOL! WHAT ability, Y? Your TRUE ability? Or your PERCEIVED ability? :)

I would like to tell you a little story!

I used to have a step-mother called Miems. A great many years ago, whilst I was still living with my parents in Zimbabwe, my parents, my one sister, her husband and I went camping and fishing at Lake Kariba.

Now Miems, you should know up-front, was a bit of a physical anomaly, in that she was more or less square, being almost as broad as she was tall! <wg> Because she was so short, and having a complex about her size, Miems would never wear anything other than heeled shoes to give her extra height. She also never wore flared skirts, for these made her look even broader in the hip, and so she only ever wore tight-fitting skirts! Before we left for Kariba we tried to encourage Miems to get some proper walking shoes, and either some comfortable skirts, or else some pants, but she blankly refused, angrily accusing us of wanting to make her look foolish! :(

So off we went to Kariba with Miems dolled up as always! Then one day, whilst walking to another part of the lake to fish, we unexpectedly came across a herd of rather unfriendly buffalo! Startled by our sudden appearance, several of the buffalo charged us. Miems, not having grown up in the bushveld, knew nothing about running in a wide circle and aiming for down-wind when being chased by a wild animal! Miems took one look at the buffalo charging us, spun on her heels and shot off like a bat out of hell! She ran straight back to the camp, an absolute no-no when being charged by an animal, AND she ran UP-WIND all the way! LOL! But, you know what? It did not matter at all because Miems, in that moment of dire crisis, found out that she was a goddamned EXCELLENT sprinter! She ran like the wind, her short little legs pumping iron, notwithstanding high heels and tight skirts! LOL!

We all ran in opposite directions to get down-wind from the buffalo and to find some shelter from them amongst the thorn trees, but Miems simply ran for ALL she was worth, and I guess the buffalo were just too perplexed to give chase to her for too far! Needless to say, none of us could stop laughing all the way back to the camp, but once back, we found an exceedingly angry Miems, looking none the worse for wear, but demanding to be taken home straight away! <g>