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I still find myself experiencing a lot of anger in my relationship with X and Z. Can you give me some guidance on how to work with this?


As I pointed out to you once before, Y, you CANNOT go through life finding one EXCUSE after another for why you should feel JUSTIFIED in being angry AT the world around you! This, my friend, is going to get you NOWHERE, let alone lead you to freedom! Anger is the DESIRE to fight for CLARITY and has therefore got sweet blow all to do with PROJECTING one's own INADEQUACIES onto the world around one, and BLAMING the world for one's CHALLENGES in life! To go through life being angry AT whoever or whatever is not only INSANE, but is also a GROSS INDULGENCE in self-pity and in arrogance!

Yet I can also see in this the INFLUENCE upon you of your relationship with X and Z, an influence which is NOT serving any of you. I am NOT saying that it is the FRIENDSHIP that is bad! No! I am saying that it is the INFLUENCE you each have on one another's perception that is the CAUSE of all three of you remaining STUCK in your respective views of the world! In other words, it is time for all THREE of you to grow up, to STOP being CO-DEPENDENTS, and to start taking RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN lives, challenges and shortcomings! It is now quite ENOUGH of being PARTNERS IN CRIME and, in this, supporting each other in your weaknesses!

To tell you the truth, Y, I at first considered not allowing you to join the Group at this point in time. But after I had looked at the influence you all three have on one another, I decided that it would be best if all three of you are present right here under my watchful eye! In this way I don't have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes, as it were! So I made the decision to allow you to join the Group. :) But, but, BUT, I wish all three of you to be QUITE CLEAR on where it is I am coming from. In having taken this decision I am expressing my WILLINGNESS to meet you half-way and I expect NO LESS from the three of you! Should the three of you not pull yourselves towards yourselves, and should I see that being part of the Group STILL does not serve either you or the Group, I will have no hesitation in kicking all three of you out of the Group!

I trust that I have made myself clear in this regard. I hope that our journey together will be long and fruitful, but the onus for this to be so is on the three of you. I have extended to you the hand of friendship, but know that abuse of friendship is not something I tolerate readily or with ease!