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Théun, there is much being stated about the new teacher for the Aquarian Age. Can you throw some light for us on this topic?


My friend, there is MUCH talk and speculation about the New Teacher, but I would prefer NOT to speculate about this. Although it is TRUE as stated in the Bible that "God never leaves Himself without a witness," I have no idea what we can expect from the New Age! For that matter, now that the Cry of the Eagle has been sounded, I do not even know what will be the role of Toltecs in the future. This is something I CHOOSE not to think about, for right now, I am intensely aware of the GREAT NEED for me to SAVOUR every MOMENT of every STEP in this, our FINAL OBLIGATION.

It is for me a time of immense poignancy, for my brothers and I, in having worked for so MANY millennia in safe-guarding and evolving man's heritage, have come to accept this as being our lives, and therefore I cannot imagine what life will hold for us beyond this final point. All I know for SURE, is that THIS moment is NEVER coming back, and that life after THIS moment will never again be the same! Poignant, but DEADLY true and INEVITABLE, for such is the nature of EVOLUTION, of TIME! :)