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  • Female (s), and male, Théun addresssing his apprentices on
  • Male (s), and female, Théun addresssing his apprentices on
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Ladies, as you know, I am NEVER eager to discuss past lifetimes, or that much maligned topic, KARMA. <g> The reason why I am always loathe to get into such discussions is because far too MANY people are always so quick to use this as a copout and a poor excuse for NOT taking RESPONSIBILITY for their current lives. Yet, in what I am about to share with you I must of necessity remind you that we do NOT live just this one lifetime, but that we live MANY lifetimes, alternating between MALE incarnations and FEMALE incarnations. Needless to say, we do so because we NEED to LEARN what it is to be BOTH male AND female! From this it follows that there are no little angels called men, and by the SAME token, there are also no little angels called women! <ebwg>

So! Let us consider that in THIS lifetime you are a man that is quite clueless in what it means to INCLUDE the female, other than that he really LIKES having sex with women! LOL! Does one's sexual preferences make one a true male, or for that matter, a true female? Some would say, "But, of course! Just watch me being the best MACHO you have ever seen!" LOL! Well, with men such as these we have no argument, do we? <sg> But from the warrior's perspective, to be a true male requires KNOWLEDGE of what it is to BE a male! Furthermore, and this too is an OBVIOUS FACT that is unfortunately for some of us ALSO not so obvious, in order to even BEGIN to gain knowledge of what it is to BE a male, it IMPLIES gaining an ever-growing KNOWLEDGE of what it is to BE heterosexual in the TRUE sense of the word! Here I suggest you all reread Volume V. :) Once again, apart from your sexual preferences, what do you UNDERSTAND of what it means to be a heterosexual? Do you have a clue? No? Well then do you see my point? <sg>

Anyway, for better or for worse, here you are as a man in this lifetime, desperately trying to be the BEST male you THINK and BELIEVE you should be! Yet if you are trying so hard then why are there all these goddamned women who keep on accusing you of being a shit male and of not including them? But worse still, now that you have encountered the Warrior's Path and have at least SOME information, SOME guidelines to work with, and you are falling around all OVER the place in your EFFORTS to be an utterly impeccable MALE, these bloody women, instead of being HAPPY, are now even MORE unhappy with you than ever before. And they even have the audacity to WHACK you with the goddamned teachings! LOL!

Admittedly, in looking at how far you still have to go in your LEARNING of what it is to BE a male AND a HETEROSEXUAL, for that matter, you can see all the areas where you still fall short. But still, is there absolutely NO RESPITE from forever being in trouble with the women in your life? So, oh dear, what is going wrong? Is it just that the male is a SLOW creature that cannot get his act together quickly enough? Or are there by any chance a few little things that may or may not have been overlooked here? <sg>

Well, just pause for a few moments at this point and think again. :) Can you see the implications here? I will give you a hint: what about mirrors? What about the CONSEQUENCES of our ACTIONS? Get the drift? LOL!

If you as a female are NOT being included by the male, then how are YOU, the indwelling spirit which is masculine, NOT including yourself AS a female within the One Life? Clearly, if the man we looked at just now WAS YOU in a previous lifetime, the chances are that you have spent a great MANY lifetimes being that clueless man, meaning that by NOW you have built up such a DEBT in terms of the CONSEQUENCES that came from your LACK of knowledge of what it means to be a true male, that sooner or later you NEED to start settling this DEBT! How do you do this? Well, because we cannot have gaps in our knowledge, there are TWO ways in which we EQUALISE our KARMA. The first is that we spend SOME incarnations as a man in which we attract to ourselves the MOST IMPOSSIBLE mothers that nag us to death non-stop! LOL! And the second is that we choose lifetimes in a female incarnation in which we can LEARN what it means to be walked over by men! LOL!

Now, please do NOT see this as me giving men a LICENSE to ABUSE the female, for this is EXACTLY why I started off with a disclaimer re past lifetimes and karma! <wg> But, but, BUT, even though, as you also WELL know, I NEVER let men off the hook, and I ALWAYS go to GREAT lengths in pointing out to men the ENORMOUS NEED to RESPECT and to INCLUDE the female, you, as female apprentices, MUST also LEARN that just as there are no little angels when it comes to men, so too are there NO little angels when it comes to women! LOL! In this respect it is the WISE apprentice that bears in mind at all times that the very thing she may RESENT the MOST in men within this lifetime is more than likely the VERY THING she used to inflict upon women in her previous incarnations as a man! :) Needless to say, the reverse is equally true about men in this lifetime!

So although it IS important that you speak your truth and point out to the men in your life where they may be failing as males, it is likewise EQUALLY important for YOU to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for, and to LEARN from, what you call forth in men! Playing the Blame Game, feeling hard-done-by, and INDULGING in your beliefs concerning being the FAIRER SEX is NOT going to EQUALISE your KARMA, and thus you will NEVER learn what you NEED to learn in this lifetime, and therefore the accumulated DEBT becomes COMPOUNDED within your next lifetime!