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Théun, I am still struggling to understand why you said that when one adds value to life we incur a cost to ourselves. How can this be so?


:) It is always such a pleasure to be able to spar with you for a while! B-:)

My friend, are there then NO consequences to our each and every ACT? What is the cost to me when I DESTROY a universe? What is the cost to me when I CREATE a universe? Have you ever read "The God-Makers," by Frank Herbert? Herbert, in his inimitable way, has this to say on this matter: "Worldly use of power can destroy an angel. This is the lesson of peace. Loving peace and pursuing peace are not enough. One must also love one's fellows. Thus one learns the dynamic and loving conflict which we call Life."

So when we add value to life what are the CONSEQUENCES of having ADDED to life what was not there before? And who SHOULD pay for those consequences, if not the one who created them? This, my friend, is what is commonly known as the INTER-DEPENCE of life!

You see, my friend, you are not merely witnessing life! Instead you, the REAL you, are a God! And Gods CREATE! Gods do not merely witness the creations of others! But, as Gods, do we TAX that which we have created? Or do we INVEST in that which we have created? <sg>