Théun Mares, addressing a failing apprentice from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, I know I have not always been a very good example of an apprentice to the Warrior's Path, but I was nonetheless very hurt by what X said to me just now. What do I do with this feeling of hurt? Do I just take it lying down?


You were NOT hurt by what X said to you! It was merely your false pride and your arrogance that got DENTED - not hurt - just dented! I do not believe, even for one moment, that you TRULY know what it is to KNOW hurt! Your SKIN is IMPERVIOUS!

For all the time and the energy that we have poured into trying to get you to shift your perception, you have shown nothing but contempt! You have ALWAYS come from, and you CONTINUE to come from the angle of, "BECAUSE I am NOT perfect, I am the very EPITOME of what a warrior is supposed to be!" How very sad that you should have TWISTED the teachings in such a FOUL manner to serve your own self-centred DEMANDS upon all those around you, namely, "You WILL accept and love me, behaviour and all! If I keep PERSISTING you will still come to see how very privileged you are that I am RAPING you!" Even the EXAMPLE that Y set for us all, you chose to trash! It struck me with such FORCE how, at the very time Y was fighting for his life you CHOSE to challenge X, no, to DISTRACT X with your utterly INANE dialogue with him. You are, my friend, for me the very PERSONIFICATION of the VAST majority of humanity - outrageously arrogant in your IGNORANCE!

Well, L, we DO love you, but we do NOT accept your behaviour! As for the raping.....enough is already ENOUGH! As for the distraction......well what can I say, other than that you KNOW what this means, don't you?

But quite the most DIABOLICAL part of your behaviour is the fact that you are actually PROUD of the fact that you can CONTINUE to be a LIABILITY to the Group, and to Life, whilst EXPECTING us to uphold you in your weaknesses! I find myself shaking my head, not only in sadness, but also in disbelief!

Yet where for me lies the DEEPEST sadness in looking at where you are at, is that you have run OUT OF TIME! Sometimes, L, the MIND is already SO CONCRETISED, that even if we DO find the teachings it is TOO LATE to change our MIND-SET! At other times, even when we DO change, it is still TOO LATE!

However, I am NOT about to take advantage of the fact that you have run out of time, which is EXACTLY WHY I am SPENDING more time this evening in addressing you! I sincerely HOPE that for YOUR sake, and for OURS, you will USE this weekend to REFLECT upon what I have shared with you here. Come your response this coming week, you and I will DE-CIDE whether we will continue this journey together, or whether I have served my purpose within your life! Until you ARE adult enough to BE a member of the Group, the onus falls upon me as nagal to TREAT you as the CHILD you are! And whilst you ARE a child, it is MY responsibility to see to your welfare, so it will NOT help you to SQUEAL to the Group for help! Look deeply into, what for you, L, is that forgotten mirror, M, for the VENOM she leveled at me BEFORE her departure from the Group was NO DIFFERENT to your contempt for me NOW! Even then it was CLEAR for me WHERE your allegiance lies! You WANTED M to remain with us so that YOU could feel justified in your behaviour! And is THIS not really why you feel so "hurt" by X's comments to you? M THOUGHT she had a "friend" in B! But how deeply pissed off and "hurt" she was when she realized she had backed a "blind follower" of mine!