Leader, a/the from Warriors' Experience

  • Leader, a/the


Is it not true that we are ALL leaders? Therefore why do we need a leader at our apprentices' meetings?


In-deed you are ALL leaders! But, but, BUT.......within group situations, my friend, it is WISE to bear in mind at all times that although EVERYONE on the bus, so to speak, is a driver, not everyone CAN drive the bus at the SAME time! LOL!

You see, my friend, when it comes to SERVING the ONE PURPOSE we are ALL, EACH and EVERY ONE of us, unique, for we EACH EVOLVE an ASPECT of the Divine Consciousness according to our DESTINY and, of course, implied within this is also THAT aspect of our journey upon life which we are unfolding within any ONE lifetime, namely, our FATE! So from this particular point of departure, we are TRULY all leaders! However, within any one lifetime it is often our FATE to travel together with others for a while, and whenever this happens we find ourselves on the bus, so to speak. :) But driving a bus is, as you well know, a PRACTICAL issue, and when it comes to being practical, well then we MUST DO whatever IS the most practical thing to do! Having everyone on the bus trying to drive the bus from wherever they may be at ON the bus, is not a very practical thing to do! <ebwg> Sooner or later the bus must and will land up in a ditch! And then everyone DITCHES the bus as being USE-LESS! LOL!