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Théun, I have read in the works of The Tibetan that the sixth ray person is a reactionary and a conservative, apart from being fanatical and holding onto the old, whilst at the same time also hindering the progress of humanity. Is this correct? I ask because I know from you that the Wolf Dreaming class is on the sixth ray. The Tibetan also states that their names are legion.


LOL! I have to laugh at how you CHOOSE to quote The Tibetan in this instance! It seems to me that no matter HOW MANY times I WARN all who read The Tibetan NOT to take Him OUT OF CONTEXT, and worse still, to QUOTE Him out of context, people will PERSIST in doing so, much like the Christians, who incidentally are also governed by the sixth ray, INSIST and PERSIST in quoting the New Testament out of context!

Yes, their name is IN-DEED legion! <ebwg> Yet, my dear friend, how would you FEEL if I were to tell you that the Office of the Dragon Wolf is most INTIMATELY connected to the sixth ray; that mysticism, and remember that I am the last old die-hard of the mystic nagals, <wg>, falls under the DIRECT influence of the sixth ray; that I personally have the sixth ray dominant within my emotional equipment; over and above the fact that the Wolves are the sixth Dreaming class, ruled by the sixth ray, and hence the taint of FANATICISM that every Wolf nagal has been working hard at correcting ever since the War of the Heavens? Look again at the ancient prophecies I quote in the books, and I believe you will see that I do NOT try to hide the FACTS!

But tell me, how do you FEEL about HOW you have chosen to quote The Tibetan? Do you feel you are now justified in your CARE-LESS speech? <sg> I am, my friend, MORE 6th Ray than most of the legion out there! LOL! So, yes, according to your quote, a quote from a Guardian, mind you, I am of the reactionaries, the conservatives, the die-hards and the fanatics who hold on to all that is of the past and whose influence is potent in hindering the progress of humanity. LOL!

Thank you, my friend, for having pointed out to me my USE-LESS folly! <ebwg>