Adult, being a responsible from Warriors' Experience

  • Adult, being a responsible
  • Individual, the, purpose of


Théun, how can we better prepare ourselves for the coming world situation?


In the decision you as a Group have taken to support my purpose in becoming a true Group, it is IMPERATIVE that you LEARN that the ONLY purpose for being an INDIVIDUALISED being is so that EVERY PART, EVERY UNIT of the WHOLE can and MUST be FULLY RESPONSE-ABLE, if the whole, namely, the group, is to survive, let alone succeed! In this one SIMPLE statement I have given you MORE guidance than ANY of you will ever be able to EXHAUST in this one lifetime, SHOULD you choose to take it on board and LIVE it! But let me TRY to EX-PLANE what SHOULD by now not be necessary to explain!

The reason why I have lately been on the War Path, and why I have singled out those of you within the Group who are SENIOR by virtue of your greater INSIGHT than some of the members who are still relatively "young" in their grasp of the Warrior's Path, is because THOSE who have MORE personal power SHOULD carry the heavier burden. Such is the Law of Economy! If there is a heavy suitcase to be carried and a light basket, you do not EXPECT, much less DEMAND that the child carries the suitcase, whilst you, the adult, carries the basket! As a RESPONSE-ABLE INDIVIDUAL you RESPOND to the challenge by picking up the suitcase, which you KNOW you CAN carry, whilst EN-COURAGING the child to play its part in carrying the basket!