Power, ring (s) of, first from Warriors' Experience

  • Power, ring (s) of, first
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  • Théun Mares, addressing his apprentices, on Success
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  • Self-centredness, versus selfishness
  • Selfishness, versus self-centredness
  • Giving, and taking
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  • Success, Théun addresssing his apprentices on
  • Sorcerer (s), versus the warrior
  • Fear, and ambition
  • Ambition, and fear
  • Other, the (the World of Sorcerers)
  • Individuality

Friends, now that many of you are starting to become more successful within your careers, your businesses, your relationships and your lives in general, there is a growing need for me to address you on what we call success.

In this respect I have been encouraging all of you to become RESPONSE-ABLE ADULTS, and many of you are now beginning to demonstrate this within your lives. But, are you now going to STARE yourselves BLIND at your achievements? I ask this because, SURE you can say, "Look, as a responsible adult I have DONE this FOR myself and BY myself!" And in THIS respect you would be RIGHT, and no-one COULD fault you on this! Except that deep down inside you would KNOW that by taking such a stance you are choosing to TAKE FROM the teachings only THAT which benefits YOU personally, meaning that you are NOT LIVING the teachings, but merely PRACTISING those bits which aid you in fulfilling your SELF-CENTRED aims, irrespective of whether these aims are caused by your fear or your ambition! So, yes, you COULD claim, and rightfully so, that YOU are treading the Warrior's Path and claiming much personal power in doing so! But you will NEVER be able to claim that in treading the Warrior's Path you are treading a Path with a Heart! :)

Why? Simply because everyone, warrior and sorcerer alike, HAS to claim his power by himself and for himself, and in this respect there is NO difference between the warrior and the sorcerer, EXCEPT that the sorcerer claims his power for SELF-CENTRED gain, whereas the warrior claims his power for SELFISH gain! And what EXACTLY engenders within each this difference in approach? The sorcerer holds ONTO his INDIVIDUALITY, for his MIND-SET is such that he CANNOT find value within himself unless he has power OVER those around him! But the warrior KNOWS, within his HEART, that his individuality is merely the EXPRESSION of his true SELF, the self that is AT-ONE with all other selves, that is, the Group we term humanity. And therefore he KNOWS his individuality to be his own UNIQUE expression of the One Self, which is the Self of ALL! So the sorcerer is DICTATED TO by his SEPARATIVE MIND; the warrior FOLLOWS his INCLUSIVE HEART! The sorcerer never gains his freedom, for he lives within a state of separativeness, and where separativeness prevails, there is always you and me, friend and foe, and with the foe comes the NEED to protect, to defend, to win against, and in short, to CONTROL, to have power over! But where you and me are two aspects of the One Self there is total freedom, the freedom for EACH of us to BE the BEST aspect, the BEST UNIT of the One Self, that you and I CAN be.

Furthermore, always remember that ambition and fear are both products of the MIND, of SEPARATIVENESS! Where there is INCLUSIVENESS, neither ambition nor fear can ever gain control, for the simple reason that the HEART transmutes ambition into the DESIRE to BE AT-ONE, and it transmutes fear into the DESIRE to LEARN, to be WIDE-AWAKE and RE-SPECT-FULL!

So! Now that you ARE beginning to gain in personal power you are CAPABLE of not ONLY standing on your OWN two FEET, but you also have the ACQUIRED strength to help carry the "load," the RESPONSIBILITY that those around you are not yet strong enough to carry! This is something I have brought to your attention before when I stated that as a Group you are beginning to HELP me to keep the FOCUS at the retreats, whereas in the past I had to carry you all with whatever personal power I do have!

You may THINK that what you do at the retreats is of little consequence, but could you but SEE with the eye of the seer, you would stand in AWE of what it is you DO do at the retreats! B-:) The only way I can possibly explain this in some small way is to say, imagine sixty or so people in a room who are all unfocused, filled with doubt, with fear, with anger, with suspicion, with misgivings, and all of them looking to me to PROVE to them that they have value! This is AS it has been in the beginning! :) But now imagine sixty people sitting in a room with say thirty of these people having claimed sufficient personal power to KNOW that they have value and therefore CAN make a difference in the way in which they interact with those around them. These thirty people, whether you are aware of it or not, are focusing AS ONE whilst I am working with any one person in the room! By this I mean you are TOGETHER WILLING the person that is struggling to gain the clarity he or she is seeking, to win! As a group you are using your COMBINED INTENT to support both that person and me!

It is POWER-FULL, to say the least, when the two people involved within a battle are being supported by the combined INTENT of thirty people who are KEEPING the FOCUS on WILLING them both to win! :) Such is the nature of the HEART! Such is the nature of unconditional love in action! And such is the nature of the true Group! Are you beginning to get a FEELING for what I am trying to impart?

Being ADULT has got nothing to do with being SEPARATIVE! Being adult means being RESPONSE-ABLE to the NEEDS of the SELF, the NEEDS of EVERY UNIT of the One Life, for only in this way can the well-being of the WHOLE be ASSURED, and unless the well-being of the WHOLE is tended to, DIS-EASE must and WILL be the inevitable result, and once disease sets in fragmentation is a natural consequence, and fragmentation leads again to separativeness! This is EXACTLY why it is so VERY important to LIVE the teachings, EVERY PART of the teachings, for as I have often pointed out, the various concepts and techniques that comprise the FORM of the teachings are every bit as interrelated, interactive, and therefore inter-dependent as are the UNITS that comprise THAT FORM which we term the Group!

But in this respect WHAT can I tell you, other than to REPEAT what I have already repeated ad nauseam to you all? Unless you LEARN to truly LISTEN to each other, how can you possibly USE your MIRRORS, much less CO-OPERATE INTELLIGENTLY one with the other so that you can ALL win? Unless you can DROP your ASSUMED understanding, by LEARNING to listen to your HEARTS, rather than to succumb to the many PREJUDICES of a MIND that is heavily conditioned by your view of the world and your self-image, how can you ever HOPE to learn anything, other than to keep on reinforcing what you already THINK you know? Unless you can comb the shadows your NOT-DOING will merely be yet another FORM of your normal DOINGS! And so on, and so on.

You HAVE the teachings! All of the teachings you need! But you do NOT as yet truly LIVE the teachings! Instead you THINK you are living the teachings! You THINK you are being inclusive! You THINK you are being adult! You THINK you are being RESPONSE-ABLE! But THINK is the OPERATIVE word, whereas the OPERATIVE should be the HEART! And, yes, you CAN say to me, "But Théun, my dear man, can't you see what great progress I AM making!" And I will be forced into having to agree with you, "Yes, you ARE making excellent progress!" But still I will shake my head and walk away from you, leaving you baffled and bewildered, wondering what you have done wrong that I should STILL be displeased with you! Yet you have done nothing WRONG! It is just that you cannot as yet see that all of your progress in based upon the MIND, the SEPARATIVE mind which, if favoured over and above the HEART, will inevitably lead you deeper and deeper into the by-ways of sorcery without you even noticing!

In favouring the MIND the teachings will ultimately reveal to you the so-called secrets of the World of Sorcerers, and having these within your possession you will become increasingly more powerful. But, as I warn in Volume IV, you will never find the KEYS to the World of Sorcerers, and therefore in spite of your power you will stand bereft of your TRUE heritage as MAN! Instead of finding your freedom you will find yourself TRAPPED within the World of Sorcerers, trapped within the separative world of the little self. You will have the First Ring of Power at your command, true! But the Second Ring of Power will still be eluding you, and consequently you will never learn to wield the Sword of Power, nor the Spear of Destiny! Within such a state of affairs, the Third Ring of Power will become for you, a dwindling myth!

Furthermore, how can you ever become a Group, or even HOPE to become a Group unless you SHARE with each other your EXPERIENCES within LIFE? Take a good look at what X has brought to the table, and Y, and most recently, Z too! X has been superb, in that he has stood firm in whatever knowledge he has at his disposal, and he has been USING whatever personal power he has, not ONLY for himself, but also in service of the Self, of which the Group is a representative! And if you have been wide awake you would have noticed that because he has been ACTING AS IF he is a responsible adult I have NOT held his hand, or even TRIED to hold his hand! LOL! Instead I have SUPPORTED him by LETTING him fight this battle by himself, for himself, for his HEART is truly in the Group winning! Somewhere along the line, the penny dropped for X, in that he came to realize that if the Group wins, so does he! :) You see, X is not ROMANTICISING about Group Consciousness - instead he has SIMPLY figured out that the ONLY way in which to LEARN what Group Consciousness is, is to TAKE whatever STEPS he CAN take right NOW, right HERE in terms of ACTING AS IF you are a Group!

And, Y? :) Y has tried HARD to voice her FEELINGS to you all! She IS saying, "Friends, are we truly LISTENING to the guidance we have been given? Are we truly USING the guidance we have been given? Or have we gotten ourselves LOST in the sand-pit in the BY-WAYS of what we THINK we should be doing?

Z? LOL! It was not so long ago that Z was still as lost as lost can be, but suddenly she has got tired of being stuck, <g>, and has taken a big step forward! What she is sharing with the Group right now is of GREAT value, should you CHOOSE to see Z as YOUR mirror! :)

And sharing? What is it to share? B-:) I will give AN example, one example of many!

At the beginning of this year I shared with you all my own FIRST LESSON for this year! LOL! What was that lesson? It was along the lines of, "Watch out for WELL-MEANING people being TOO EAGER to render a 'service.'" LOL! But how many of the Group members have bothered to take this guidance on board? Since then I have tried in so MANY ways to keep reminding you all of this pitfall, yet most of you took NO heed of this warning, but instead you have allowed your ambition, your MIND, to lead the way! You see, my friends, to SHARE means just that, to SHARE! :)

How can I, or you, or anyone, for that matter, truly SHARE anything when there is not a GIVER and a TAKER? Do you grasp? To tell a story is NOT sharing! It is like eating a plate of food with others watching! But to SHARE a story, a lesson, a plate of food, or whatever, means that one GIVES of what is his, whilst the other TAKES what is being offered and makes it HIS OWN! Do you grasp?

You, as a Group, made the HEART-FELT decision to GROW UP into being responsible adults, and now you MUST stand upon the battle-field of LIFE, the REAL battle-field, not the SIMULATED battle-field that had been called Hunter's Lodge, and you MUST be challenged to wield the sword within your HANDS, for better or for worse! To this effect I stand ready to MEET you upon the battlefield and thereby play my part in challenging you to be the BEST warrior you CAN be! But I mean MEET, and I mean CHALLENGE! Otherwise what would be the point? We would still simply be PLAYING at you being warriors! LOL!

Finally, remember too that TRULY you ARE One! And as one you are as STRONG as your STRONGEST link, but ONLY IF the strong link is WILLING to BE strong whenever the WEAK link is showing signs of buckling under the strain, and thereby EASING the burden upon the weak link, for such is what it MEANS to be a Group! Do you all grasp? I am NOT talking about supporting the weaknesses in others! I am drawing your ATTENTION to the NEEDS of the WHOLE! There is a time to support, and there is a time to whack! The warrior is one who has learned the art of supporting with the one HAND whilst whacking with the other!