Wanting, versus needing from Warriors' Experience

  • Wanting, versus needing
  • Need (s), versus wants


Théun, am I right in thinking that we always have everything we need in terms of fulfilling our fates?


You speak the truth, my friend! We ALWAYS have right now, right here, whatever it is we NEED in order to take the NEXT STEP! The bane of most people's EXISTENCE is the misguided belief that they "need" something from "out there," from beyond their PRESENT grasp, in order to LIVE the life they desire! But what such people FAIL to realize is that PRIOR to incarnation they PLANNED the UNFOLDMENT of their lives so that their REAL NEEDS can and will be met through the challenges they will be calling forth! So, to put this in a nutshell, LOL, if one has a CHALLENGE, the challenge is GUIDING one into FINDING within oneself the POWER to equalize that challenge! But the operative word is "within," and NOT "out there!"