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Théun, although I am trying to listen to your guidance on how I verbalise myself I must admit that I also feel a huge resistance to taking the guidance on board, mainly because I believe I express myself well. Do I just ignore my own feelings on this, or what?


Your greatest problem in life, if I may use such an inadequate expression, is that you, like most people, have built a VOCABULARY of emotional reactions based upon your SELECTIVE SPEECH, both inner speech as well as outer speech. :) This is hardly news to any of you, and yet I find myself HAVING to repeat myself over and over again like a stuck gramophone record, for so few of those I TRY to reach, and you I have tried to reach MANY times, :), take no note of this all-important FACT of life!

The POWER of SPEECH is a god-given gift! By this I mean that GODS have the POWER to CREATE through USE of the WORD! And yet people will PERSIST and INSIST upon using this awesome gift, this awesome power, with so LITTLE respect! The result is that people just shoot of their mouths, spout forth unadulterated crap, speak in half sentences that leaves everyone around them guessing as to what is meant; people speak half-truths based upon their IGNORANCE of not only life, but also of their EXPERIENCE of life; they speak, using words of which they have almost zero understanding; they use words to EXPRESS emotions on which they have NO CLARITY; and in short, people use this enormous CREATIVE power with ZERO discrimination nor responsibility for what they are bringing into EXISTENCE with their speech!

And, of course, the outer speech is but the manifestation of people's inner speech, of what they TELL themselves over and over again every hour of every day, every week of every month, year in and year out! People then wonder, LOL, no I should say, people then have the AUDACITY to wonder why there is so much frustration, so much confusion, so much pain within their lives! But people CREATE this frustration, this confusion and this pain with their god-like power to SPEAK, and because our mirrors can never lie, those around us MUST reflect for us the PRODUCT of our speech! Do you grasp this simple but all-powerful truth, my friend?

The secret of the warrior is that the warrior can and does LISTEN with EVERY FIBRE of his being, for in this way he hears the REFLECTION of what his SPEECH, his WORDS are CREATING within the world around him! Within this he KNOWS that what he is perceiving and what he is experiencing is showing him whether or not he IS dreaming true to the One Purpose, whether or not he IS getting the DESIRED results, that is, whether or not his SPEECH is TRULY an EXPRESSION of his HEART! Sure, as we also know, it takes two to speak the truth, one to tell it and the other to hear it! But still, the warrior cannot AFFORD to hand his power away by playing the Blame Game! The warrior cannot AFFORD to say, "But it is all YOUR fault that I am NOT being heard," and then just leave it at that! :) But if, within your heart of hearts you KNOW that your SPEECH is IMPECCABLE, and that still you are NOT being LISTENED to, then you also KNOW that you are trying to tango with the WRONG partner! LOL!

I would love to tango with you, my friend, for I love to tango with ANYONE that is WILLING to match me step for step! <g> But it is IMPOSSIBLE to tango with someone who takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for wanting to LEARN the steps! LOL! It is even MORE impossible to tango with someone who refuses to LISTEN and SPEAK intelligently! :)