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In working with numerology why must one add the vowels and the consonants separately?


The rules of numerology dictate that vowels pertain to the indwelling spirit, whereas the consonants pertain to the little self. Therefore the vowels are added separately, and so are the consonants. Once this has been done we add the digit of the vowels to the digit of the consonants, checking every step of the way for power numbers.

If, however, we are working with more than one word, as in someone's name, we need to do this for EACH of the words BEFORE adding the REDUCTIONS of each word together. Having explained this much you should know that in addition to power numbers there are also karmic numbers! LOL! One day, ONE day, should I ever find the time to do so, I promise to write that book on numerology. The subject is NOT easy, for its rules are abstract! But by far the greatest difficulty in learning the Science of Numerology lies in the correct INTERPRETATION of the numbers, something which requires a profound knowledge of the Law of Correspondences. I tried to demonstrate this in the example of the word "love," for it is NO co-incidence that Christ stated that love is the commandment of all commandments, and that He is known as THE WORD. :) Furthermore, because there is but ONE TRUTH, ONE POWER, all is under the Law of Correspondences! Therefore, my friend, what I am saying is that if you ARE drawn to this science, and to the esoteric, then a good place to start is with the Law of Correspondences!

How do you make this practical? :) By keeping it SIMPLE, of course! <g> Start with setting aside a little time every day in which to ponder upon how your outer activities correspond to your inner activities. Once you can begin to see this you will also begin to see HOW to bring the outer and the inner into intelligent co-operation so as to COMPLEMENT each other in a way that will enable you to maintain this state of wakefulness throughout your entire day, rather than just during your meditation. In time to come your awareness will have reached a point at which ALL THE MINUTIAE of EVERY THING you encounter EVERY MOMENT of every day will CORRESPOND one with the other, and you will begin to FEEL the VIBRATIONS of life, you will begin to get a feeling for the Law of Correspondences. :)