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Y and I have recently been asked to coach a group of people in teaching them the skills of group endeavour. What I would like to ask concerns group consciousness, in that is there a way in which we can ensure they remain together and in regular contact with one another?


I take it that when you refer to group consciousness you are NOT referring to starting a bridge club, or a tennis club, or a literature group, or a feel-good group? <sg> The way I know you, my friend, as well as Y, is that neither of you are interested in starting a group that does not SERVE a specific PURPOSE within life, even if such a purpose would merely be that the members of the group can and do SUPPORT each other in a MEANINGFUL way. Furthermore, you are also both intelligent enough to KNOW that starting a group will also entail BEING THERE for the group until such time as they may no longer NEED you! It is most IRRESPONSIBLE to start something, and then to ABANDON it to its own devices! Therefore just in case you MAY be THINKING along the lines of starting up a group and then HOPING the group will just continue without you, let me tell you up front that you are ROMANTICISING! LOL!

If there is a way in which to start a TRUE group EASILY I would pay anything to get hold of that information! <g> My friends, there is NO WAY in which to do this other than the HARD way. You may or may not be aware of it, but it has taken me a great MANY years, starting off with guidance received even before my memory was restored, to DREAM-IN the mere existence of THIS Group. And it has taken MUCH more blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights, endless failure, endless QUESTIONING of myself, my work, my purpose within life, together with an unwavering courage and perseverance in the face of all odds against me, including fighting off the IMPACT of massive amounts of resistance and either deliberate or else unconscious undermining of my attempts from every quarter, to bring you all to KNOW yourselves to BE the Group you are today. And still there is NO GUARANTEE that you will survive AS a GROUP, with or without my constant guidance!

It is the work of a lifetime, my friend, and it is a work which DEMANDS every last SCRAP of what you have to offer, and even THAT which you do not even know that you have within you until it happens to be called forth because of some DIRE crisis! Therefore unless you are PREPARED and WILLING to give it your all, people are best left with the KNOWLEDGE of HOW to help themselves, rather than with the PROMISE of BELONGING TO a group of sorts! We all have an insatiable LONGING for BELONGING TO and for being CARED FOR, but........ :)

When such a promise is thwarted, or broken, for whatever reason, the resultant SCAR runs very DEEPLY within the Spirit of Man! Therefore BEFORE you lay yourself open to possibly being the MEDIUM through which such a scar can become inflicted, even IF it is due to NONE of your OWN doing, but due to the doings of others, make doubly sure you are also prepared to BEAR the consequences of such a scar AS IF they are of your own making!

Few, precious few, of the self-styled teachers, truth-sayers, group leaders and so-called prophets of today, have the necessary wisdom, let alone knowledge, and even much less so the humility and the sense of responsibility to even CON-SIDER the implications of their acts in terms of starting groups and cultivating followers. Most people who fancy themselves to be leaders of groups, no matter how "heart-felt" they may be to start with, see only the GLAMOUR - rarely do they see the required SACRIFICE. :) And let's face it, wanting to DO GOOD, or wanting to be the DO-GOODER is an exceedingly ancient and therefore powerful GLAMOUR! In REALITY and in PRACTISE there is ZERO glamour in being the TRUE Group Leader, whether being the Group Leader means being the Christ, the village chieftan, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, or simply the leader of a small and apparently insignificant group of people setting a GROUP INTENT.

In the absence of glamour there is only RESPONSE-ABILITY and HEARTACHE. I say this, not from the perspective of the MARTYR, LOL, but from the perspective of the true HUMANITARIAN. To grasp what I mean, consider the example of, let us say, those that have DEDICATED their lives to the welfare of animals. For people such as these heartache has become a way of life, because for every battle they win, they lose a great many more, since for every animal they manage to release from its misery, there are an untold number more that are continuously suffering the cruelties inflicted upon them by humanity. And the heartache lies not only in knowing the DEPTH of the suffering being inflicted, but it lies also in knowing that it is IMPOSSIBLE to work fast enough, efficiently enough, to release ALL animals from the suffering they are enduring on a daily basis! Of course, here you may throw the teachings at me, and ask, "Oh, but I was led to believe that it is NOT RIGHT to do good, and neither is it right to INTERFERE in the FATE of another being?" And I will answer, "Yes! You are quite right! But what of those whose HEARTS have called them to SERVE by tending to the plight of those suffering, whether such suffering is self-inflicted or not?"

So I would suggest that unless your HEART is telling you otherwise, help these people to help themselves, and leave it at that. Give them the tools with which to help themselves, and teach them how to use those tools to their best possible advantage. In other words, give them a CHANCE, but then LEAVE them with ALL of your love, your strength and your support, to get on with their own lives the best they can! Hold them always within your heart, and on their behalf, LIVE the impeccable life of the warrior! In this way you will be making a DAILY DEPOSIT within the Account of Man, and anything we deposit within the Account of Man is a fraction more than there was before, and every little bit HELPS in keeping those around us stead-fast! :)