Self-image, death of one's, explained (humorous) from Warriors' Experience

  • Self-image, death of one's, explained (humorous)


Théun, what is the process involved in dismantling one's self-image?


LOL! The process involved in dismantling one's self-image is actually quite hilarious in retrospect! <g>

First one's self-image starts to become a bit, shall we say, dented! Then eventually it has SO many dents in it that it becomes somewhat embarrassing to continue presenting it. Then one spontaneously starts to hide it from those who KNOW one, for one knows they can see right through one's GUISE! <g> But needless to say, this hiding leads to starting to forget where one has placed it! LOL! And so one starts to lose it, only to find it again, lose it again, find it again, and so on. But each time one finds it again it feels more and more un-comfort-able and less and less appropriate in terms of a SHIELD! And then finally, one day, in having once AGAIN re-discovered the silly old habit, it just feels so goddamned TERRIBLE to uphold it that one discards it with a sense of utter disgust! What a relief! LOL!