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Théun, in looking at the world situation today, together with the natural disasters that are occurring, am I right in thinking that this is a result of all our ugly thoughts coalescing within the web of life? Or am I totally off the wall in thinking this?


You are not really as off the wall as you think, my friend. But it is MORE than just the effect of our ugly thoughts coming together; it is also the effect of our ugly actions coming to a climax. People smile quietly to themselves when I speak of Atlantis and the unresolved battles of that time, but whether they believe me or not, it is a FACT that cannot be wished away. At the time of Atlantis we did the only SANE thing we could do at THAT time - we RETREATED from the battle. We did not RUN AWAY from the challenge, as such, but humanity as a whole was still such a tiny helpless INFANT that the only sane thing to do was to take the CHILD and RETREAT the best we could! Yet, in doing so, the CAUSES of that time were not FACED and RESOLVED and, as always happens in such instances, our HISTORY followed us to become those EFFECTS which have become the CAUSES of today's EFFECTS!

I have been saying for a long time now that the resultant TENSIONS building up within the web of life are truly STAGGERING, and that from a seer's perspective, a repeat of Atlantis APPEARS to be inevitable! And should it come to this, then this time round we have nowhere to run to - this time round we are going to HAVE to stand our ground and fight it out!

The planet, a life-form with its own evolution, has had enough of humanity's greed, plundering and whole-scale destruction and, as a result, is beginning to rebel in the form of hurricanes, volcanic activity and earth-quakes in an endeavour to CORRECT the forces of nature which have been, and continue to be, so utterly unbalanced by humanity's actions. It is going to get worse! Adding to this planetary turmoil is the fact that the MINERAL kingdom, which is part of the ORGANIC evolution on this planet, is preparing itself for a MASSIVE CRISIS point, call it an INITIATION, if you prefer. From what I can see, the physical planet's own turmoil is providing for the mineral kingdom the IDEAL circumstances in which to call forth its initiation, which, again from what I can make out, will come in the FORM of fire! So we can expect more and more volcanic activity from within the earth, and uncontrollable land fires for the surface!

So where to from here? Only HUMANITY can fight this battle and turn it around. People like you and me can do what we can by leading by example, and we MUST, otherwise there is NO hope, but more than that we cannot do! All now hangs in the balance, and a mighty balance it is! Will humanity WAKE-UP in time, SEIZE its fleeting moment of chance, and BECOME the RESPONSIBLE ADULT it is meant to be? Or will humanity continue to SNOOZE in its COMPLACENCY whilst continuing to hand its power over to Big Brother, Mother's Awareness, and ultimately the Old Sorcerers? Only time will tell! If humanity wakes up we CAN and WILL manifest a bright NEW world. If humanity continues to snooze, we are in for a most TERROR-ABLE time! We will witness whole-scale destruction like NEVER before, perhaps even the end of life as we now know it upon this planet, for as the Guardians have forewarned, THIS TIME NOW will be the DEFINITIVE turning-point!

Am I a prophet of doom? LOL! No! Just a prophet that is looking OBJECTIVELY at the REALITY of the FACTS! I am not just being poetic, or romantic, or dramatic when I have been saying that my BIGGEST challenge within this lifetime in terms of the work I am doing is a DESPERATE race AGAINST time! What are my own feelings on the future? I feel optimistic, but NOT in a complacent way. I would be lying to you if I were to say I feel no fear! I am fearful because I can see that we are going to be HIT very, VERY HARD, before humanity becomes WILLING to wake up! But I feel optimistic in the sense that we are today FAR BETTER equipped for the battle on hand than we were in the days of Atlantis. For a start - humanity is no longer an INFANT that needs to be PROTECTED at all costs. Humanity has come of age, and is therefore an ADULT that CAN be MOBILISED into ACTION if pushed hard enough!

This is where I am keeping my focus - we CAN, and SOMEHOW we WILL! Man has this god-like ABILITY to perform MIRACLES when faced with an act of survival! :) So let us keep our focus on what EACH and EVERY ONE of us CAN DO on a DAILY basis in PRE-PARING ourselves AND others for the challenges that are upon us. I see it as an ENORMOUS opportunity to HASTEN our own personal evolution, and I see it also as an AWESOME responsibility to the One Life that has GRANTED us this truly STUPENDOUS PRIVILEGE of being ABLE and WILLING to each play our part in writing the FUTURE of our humanity! So, yes, I may be fearful of what lies ahead, but, by the same token, I will also not change my life for any other! I would be a fool if I did not fear! But I would be an even greater fool if I were wishing for a different life to the one I have, to the one WE have! LOL!