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Théun, my husband and I would like to get the community involved in the work we both do. In this way I could take on apprentices at a very affordable fee for all concerned. What are your feelings on this?


WHAT is your MOTIVE for wanting to get the community involved in your work? I ask this because although I do not know your husband, I do know you, :), and I must therefore assume that you are a great mirror for your husband, and vice versa.

My friend, you KNOW that you suffer from feelings of low self-worth, and therefore I strongly suggest that both you AND your husband scrutinize your true motives meticulously. Are you wanting to materialize group endeavour because of seeking the approval of others? Are you wanting to involve the community because you do not believe that you have sufficient personal power to be able to do things on your own?

Your question to me quite literally makes my skin crawl, for it has ALL of the overtones of the Do-Gooder in it, coupled with nuances of the hard-done-by, unappreciated victim and martyr who has all this incredible POTENTIAL just waiting to be acknowledged by the "right" person! LOL! Your dream, however, could SOUND so different, were you to come from the angle of, "I KNOW that what I am DOING is unique and therefore has VALUE which cannot be measured in terms of money. I would therefore like to HELP others like myself to HELP themselves. BUT, in order for me to TRULY be of SERVICE, any possible apprentices MUST of necessity already have the personal power required in order to LEARN what it is I have to offer! Why? Simply because it takes power to MEET power!" LOL!

So, why I say it makes my skin crawl is because you are coming from the angle of an affordable apprenticeship! I agree with you that there is ZERO advantage to be gained by putting learning BEYOND the REACH of EVERYONE! But, my dear friend, by the same token, CHEAP is invariably NASTY! For example, if I were to make the retreats affordable and accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry, I could have had thousands of apprentices by now! <g> This, no doubt, would have done my ego the world of good, LOL, but in having thousands of students I would out of necessity have to be a very cheap and nasty teacher, for how else does one man alone teach the masses? Hmmmm? Even One as exalted as the Christ chose to teach but those closest to Him, a mere twelve! The rest He taught in parables, that is, when they were not busy plaguing Him to near-death in their incessant DEMANDS to be healed, helped etc. LOL!

My friend, I am NOT saying abandon your dream! But what I am challenging you to do, is to challenge yourself on your motive!