Sexuality, fear of one's own from Warriors' Experience

  • Sexuality, fear of one's own


I am aware of the fact that there are questions surrounding my sexuality that frighten me, and that also make me fear speaking about them in case I am judged for it. Can you please help me to explore these questions?


Everything upon our island is there for a REASON and therefore we should NOT suppress it, or fear it, or try to discard it, but instead we should LEARN how to TRANSMUTE that which is UNDESIRABLE into that which can be USED to our advantage!

Our sexuality is a MOST important part of our beingness, and as such we should make every effort to understand our sexuality and any challenges we may have surrounding it. However, as we all know, MOST people find it MUCH too threatening to speak about any issues they may have surrounding their sexuality, for they immediately ASSUME that if there are any questions surrounding their sexuality this means that they are ABNORMAL! Oh dear, oh dear, and this IS bad, is it not, to be ABNORMAL? <ebwg> As a result, most people just keep quiet and hope that by hiding these issues even from themselves the issues will just miraculously disappear!

There is really nothing, but nothing to be ashamed of concerning our sexuality! People, in their FEAR of the unknown, are always only just too keen to want to MAKE us feel guilty, ashamed, or whatever, but, really, this is just plain bullshit! The only thing we SHOULD ever be ashamed of is IF we are too stupid, too stubborn and too self-important to WANT to learn! NOT wanting to learn is IN-DEED something to be THOROUGHLY ashamed of!