Credit, giving the self, face value of from Warriors' Experience

  • Credit, giving the self, face value of


Théun, you have often admonished us that we must give ourselves credit for a job well done. Yet I also get the feeling that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Am I on the right track?


:) Yes, you are on the right track. Although what I have taught you is undeniably important, it is also important to realize that this is very much a PROP, and not the FINAL RESULT of living the warrior's way.

Yes, I have taught you this technique, and yes, I have reminded you again and again that it is important to USE it, but, as I have already said, it is merely a TEMPORARY prop. Why? Well, because IF you are FULLY FOCUSED and FULLY in the MOMENT, then you WILL do an IMPECCABLE job, and you will KNOW WHILST you are doing it that it is impeccable. So there is then NO NEED afterwards to WASTE precious time in dwelling upon the job in order to give yourself credit, is there? :) If, however, you go through life HALF-ASLEEP, then you MUST recollect, recollect, recollect, for you are NEVER IN the MOMENT! You are always half somewhere else!

So, as you have started to see, my friend, it is SO easy to take the teachings at their FACE VALUE, and hence to fall into yet another trap of your own making! Time and time again do I remind you all that NOT ONLY must the teachings be seen and applied as ONE WHOLE, for NO ONE PART of the teachings CAN stand alone as being the ABSOLUTE truth; but also that the TRUE teachings CANNOT be verbalised! So to take the FACE VALUE of merely ONE aspect of the OUTER teachings as being the gospel truth is simply childish!