Church, the Christian, versus the Christ from Warriors' Experience

  • Church, the Christian, versus the Christ
  • Christ, the, versus the Church


In Catholicism we are taught to say, prior to receiving the Sacraments, "Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed." Is this part of the Church's conditioning of people, or is it true?


LOL! The Church has MUCH to answer for, and this DIABOLICAL distortion of what Christ taught us is but one of the ATROCITIES the Church has inflicted upon humanity. Christ taught us that we ARE gods! Do I need to say more? :)

It has always suited the Church to KEEP people at the level of the LITTLE self, and for obvious reasons! Consider this; in the Toltec dreaming practice, which complements what Christ taught us, the declaration of intent states, "Lord, I enter here that I may be filled with the richnesses of life," which is followed by the four sacred words, and then, "to be able to share them with those that are in need of upliftment in the mind, and of peace unto the body." A HUGE big difference in approach, don't you think? The Catholic approach is that of the BEGGAR not worthy of the Holy Presence. The warrior's approach is that of HUMILITY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! :)