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  • Folly, meeting fellow man in his, requirements for


Is it really true that we can all only advance at our own pace? Can we not collectively speed up our learning?


It is UNDENIABLY true that individuals can only advance at their own pace! Furthermore, it is exactly HERE where I feel MANY of you still fail to truly MEET each other. I will explain.

If we ARE going to meet, that is, truly GAIN a TRUE understanding of where we are at, then it is VITAL for you and I to LISTEN to each other WITHOUT judgment. It is only when we do so that we can EACH BEGIN to RELATE to what each of us are trying to RELATE on! But if we already START OFF from the basis of, "Yes, but……" or "Yes I hear you, but……….," then IMMEDIATELY, whether we are conscious of this or not, we have AGREED to DISAGREE! LOL!

I am NOT saying this is a bad thing, for SOMETIMES it IS NEEDED! But in terms of MEETING one another it is NOT AT ALL USE-FULL! INVALIDATION, whether of a concept, an idea, an emotion or a feeling, just NEVER works in terms of meeting. The only time we can AFFORD to invalidate is when we have been ASKED to please validate or invalidate, OR if the other person is CLEARLY trying to pull the wool over either OUR eyes or his own!

In terms of meeting, what ALWAYS works is to FIND SOMETHING in what the other person is saying or doing that you CAN SUPPORT, and then using this SUPPORT as a point of departure you BEGIN to EXPLORE together! And I mean EXPLORE, not ARGUE points of view or opinions! But unless you CAN find a point of departure, you will only succeed in going round in circles, and eventually out of frustration start to RE-ACT towards one another! If you end up arguing, rather than exploring together, you will likewise end up fighting AGAINST each other!

However, your feeling about collectively speeding up your learning process is a valid one, but you will find the ANSWER you are looking for in what I said about finding SOMETHING to SUPPORT! How you do this, and how you LEARN to do this, is a matter of being WIDE-AWAKE, WILLING and ACUTELY PERCEPTIVE in terms of LISTENING to your heart! :)