Dreamer (s), versus the stalker from Warriors' Experience

  • Dreamer (s), versus the stalker
  • Stalker (s), versus the dreamer


Théun, it seems so unfair that once a Dreamer always a Dreamer, and once a Stalker always a Stalker.


:) It is not really unfair! It all depends upon where we place the focus. You see, no matter whether we are Stalkers or Dreamers, we ALL have to learn to do both! Being the one or the other is merely a PREDILECTION, meaning that it comes fairly easily. The one which is NOT our predilection we have to WORK HARD at perfecting! Anything we work HARD at becomes SKILL IN ACTION!

Now although I know that in being a Stalker I will NEVER be able to Dream like a brilliant Dreamer, nevertheless I have worked HARD at Dreaming, and so today my skills in Dreaming are bloody good, even if I must say so myself! LOL!