Altruism from Warriors' Experience

  • Altruism


I am so disappointed in finding out that my shortcoming is Altruism! It feels so passive. I had hoped that I would have a shortcoming that lends itself to violence!


LOL! But speaking from personal experience, for I too have Altruism as one of my shortcomings, Altruism IS a violent shortcoming, you silly girl! Whenever Altruism gets challenged in some way the PROUD owner of it first feels flabbergasted, and then becomes HUGELY pissed off at once AGAIN having walked into the trap! LOL! THIS is where the FUN starts, for you see, in THAT moment you can choose to either whack the INSTRUMENT of power into oblivion, or else you can choose to find your own sense of ILLUSION and BEAT the shit out of it! But it IS so satisfying to at least BEAT-UP something! <ebwg>

No, come! You will still see what FUN it is to work with Altruism! You will quickly enough come to see that it is an ENDLESS source of VERY funny folly! After a while you just CANNOT take yourself seriously anymore on anything, for WHICH illusion are you going to take seriously? So the only thing of SUBSTANCE is to keep searching for the REALITY underlying the ILLUSION. But, from experience I can assure you that our shortcomings, no matter what they are, truly ARE our tickets to freedom! They teach us SO MUCH about what life is NOT! LOL! Take Altruism as an example! <g>

The TRUTH underlying the ILLUSION that you, me and everyone else are stupendous beings doing stupendous things, is that you, me and everyone else are STUPID beings doing STUPID things! LOL!

But then, THINKING that we are stupid and doing stupid things is every bit as much an ILLUSION as is the first! LOL! Why? Well quite simply because, as William Blake pointed out, if we would but persist in our folly we would become wise! So why bother being a warrior? THINKING that being a warrior is the answer IS illusion personified! And likewise, THINKING that we will become WISE by being STUPID all the time is equally much of an illusion! So NOW where to? <sg> and <ww>

Do you get a FEELING for what I am saying about ILLUSION? <ebwg> Now get onto that old camel of yours and apply your sobriety to what I have shared with you, and let us see where you get to! <ww>

I can assure you that you will soon enough learn to laugh and laugh and laugh at the sheer folly of it all as you huff and puff to become a warrior, yet knowing all the while that your huffing and puffing is going to get you NOWHERE unless you can transmute your ILLUSION of what it is to be a warrior! LOL!