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Théun, as a doctor, how best can I help my patients?


You CANNOT help anyone, X, for WHAT is help?

This is the FIRST question you should be asking yourself in terms of medicine and being a healer. Help, my friend, is a VERY BIG word! But GUIDANCE is an altogether different kettle of fish! We, you and me, can GUIDE people towards the CLARITY they NEED in order to help themselves, but neither you nor I can DO it FOR them! Never ever forget this, otherwise you will end up BLAMING YOURSELF for the failure of others! Quite beside which, my friend, neither you nor I have the RIGHT, and neither do we have the WISDOM to be able to determine someone's TRUE fate within a lifetime. You as a healer, and I as a nagal, MAY be able to see a TINY BIT of a person's fate, and by giving that person GUIDANCE upon what we CAN see, we can GUIDE that person towards finding his or her own CLARITY! But more than this we CANNOT do! Doctors today seem to believe that it is THEIR responsibility to KNOW BETTER than the patient's Dreamer, but is this not ARROGANCE personified? Is it not GROSS INTERFERENCE in the fate of a human being?