Nagal, a, challenging, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, challenging, examples of


Théun, I am sorry I vented my spleen, but I have been feeling so frustrated! Yet I can see that I have sailed very close to the wind this time round! I am sorry!


What frustration, X? The only frustration I witnessed is how you frustrate yourself in your own learning, and then project that anger at self onto me and others in the Group. So it is good that you finally went there, for in this way the REAL truth has finally been revealed, even to you, you stubborn old goat! And by the way, it is EXACTLY because of what you did that I can now come to peace with the fact that the Group IS now mature enough for a new approach to the teachings, an approach which is REAL, instead of us all sitting around being ever so NICE to each other whilst you all ask the teacher your equally NICE questions. Excuse me whilst I throw up, because I have now had this teacher thing up to over my head. I am NOT a goddamned teacher - I am a nagal!

So, quite frankly, you have done us a service, albeit it by default! But the very fact that you THINK you have merely sailed too close to the wind just comes to prove how VERY selective your perception still is! You have precipitated a point of crisis, but you do not even KNOW what it is that you have precipitated! Talk about being fast asleep! LOL! And talk about RE-ACTING with zero skill in action! LOL!

But, I now rest my case on this one. You may keep your perception if it makes you feel you have value!