Stubbornness from Warriors' Experience

  • Stubbornness


Théun, I have come to realise that the real battle for me is the willingness to meet ALL that I am!


NO, Y! As I have said to you before, NOT just all of what YOU are, but also ALL of what your mirrors are! Have you learned anything at all from Z? Or is she in your eyes, just a silly little old granny? As I said to X, if only she and you would look DEEPLY into the mirror Z provides for us all you would both see how this woman has taken her STUBBORNNESS and turned it into TENACITY to keep on fighting the good fight! Hence at a very old age her mind is still OPEN, fully ACTIVE and WILLING to learn all she can before she dies! And if you look a little closer you will also see that in her there is no bitterness, no regrets and no sense of blame!

When you and X have transmuted your stubbornness into tenacity, a tenacity that will NOT allow you to give up on life just because you cannot have it on YOUR terms, THEN the two of you will each become a formidable force for good, fighting for the INCLUSION of ALL - the good, the bad and the indifferent, and for its TRANSMUTATION into that which is truly life-supportive! THEN you will have become the champion of the people! Until then the only thing you champion is a selective view upon life, a selective support that brings about an IMBALANCE that topples and distorts!