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  • Love, unconditional, examples of
  • Judgement, lack of


Théun, even though X and I have been friends for a long time I no longer trust him. I just want to say to him, "Fare-you-well, friend," and be on my way! I no longer want to try to understand where he is coming from. I am sick of his games!


:) No, my friend, don't say words that you may live to regret having said! Speak ONLY what is in your HEART, Y - not what is in your MIND!

No matter WHERE X may have been at in the PAST, now that he is WILLING to come clean, or at least this is what it APPEARS to be, should you and I, and everyone else not AT LEAST give him a CHANCE to do so? :) So WHY so quick with the fare-you-well, Y? Or is there something we should know here that has not yet been revealed?

From the way I know you, you DO love X, despite his behaviour! You have after all been friends since for ever! And yes, even partners in crime! :) But does this NOT speak volumes to you, my friend? Is your heart SO closed that you TRULY feel nothing for X? I am not talking about pity, or mercy! I am talking about FEELING!

Speak to X, Y, and when he answers you LISTEN to him with ALL of your heart! Your heart will NOT lie to you, even IF X should try to lie to you! TRUST your heart, Y, and LISTEN to it! I am here to guide BOTH you and X! But you will learn ZERO if you come at X from the MIND! Come from the HEART, my friend! From the heart! The MIND can judge! The mind can condemn! The mind can also be MANIPULATED! But the heart is IMMUNE to manipulation, and the heart, although utterly RUTHLESS, nonetheless knows that to cast judgment and condemnation is to judge and condemn a UNIT of the One Life, a unit like both you and me!

NONE of us should ever CONDONE that which is life-destructive! But even IF totally life-destructive, a UNIT of the One Life still CANNOT be LOST forever! Do you remember the parable of the Good Shepherd? I am NOT saying you should take upon yourself the shortcoming of Altruism! LOL! But I am saying take CARE of ALL of life, Y! Take CARE! :)