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  • Sex, the issue of


Why are we as a Group now being bombarded by the sexual issues arising amongst us? It seems somehow significant.


The so-called PROBLEM of sex is an issue than mankind has been ducking and diving for ever! And, of course, NOW it is starting to come round to bite him in the bum! So from MY perspective I find it not at all surprising that it is now also coming onto the radar screen of the Group! I know it has come up at retreats in the past, but then it was still very much seen as an UNCOMFORTABLE issue that is best touched lightly and then quickly swept aside! LOL!

There is a great deal of social conditioning surrounding sex. It is primarily because of this, and also because of where humanity has gotten to in terms of legislation concerning the rights of children, that parents have become ever more frightened of the issue surrounding sex. I point this out because children today are raised by their parents in a way that DENIES the child any form of LEARNING about the perfectly NATURAL manifestation of sex within life, during the course of growing up at home.

For example, when I was a child I grew up with parents that were VERY physical in their expression of warmth and of love. So I grew up believing that it is perfectly NORMAL to be kissed and cuddled by both sexes, and to sit on the lap of both sexes. I also bathed with my parents, with the result that I was fascinated as a small boy about the anatomical differences between men and women, and naturally asked many questions, questions that were answered freely and openly. I can remember asking my father if my dick would be as big as his when I was a big man! LOL! My father laughed, and teased me about masturbating, asking me how often I did it! Being somewhat embarrassed, I answered him with a rather vague answer, something to the effect of, "Sometimes." My father winked at me, told me NOT to be embarrassed, and went on to explain that one day when I AM bigger, I will find that upon climaxing I will start to ejaculate the life-giving sperm that impregnates the woman, and that when that happens I should not worry, but instead speak to him again! I share all this just to impart a feeling for what I am trying to express above! I was fortunate in having parents that WERE willing to educate their children in terms of sex, but this is today no longer the case! The result? Children grow up more and more with the IDEA that sex is NOT natural, but on the contrary, a most sought-after FORBIDDEN fruit!

What is even WORSE is that children, because of their own parent's fear surrounding sex, grow up believing that it is somehow BAD to PRACTISE their OWN sexual exploration with their parents and siblings! I am NOT saying that this should come to incest, LOL, but what I am saying is, how else must children LEARN if they are NOT ALLOWED to explore and learn through experience? Is it not INFINITELY better for children to LEARN within the family home where such learning CAN be DIRECTED and CONTAINED, than for children to go out onto the street as it were, to find there the learning and the experience they are looking for? If I may once again use my own example, being much younger than my two sisters, I reached my teenage years when both my sisters were already married. As a result it was from my two brothers in law that I learned about the birds and the bees in a way that was HUGELY entertaining and stimulating for me! I absolutely ADORED my one brother in law, and hero worshipped him! I would ask this brother in law EVERY-THING about sex, and he was only too happy to laugh, tease and instruct me! And yet, this same brother in law also kept me in FIRM check, ensuring that I did NOT do anything stupid or untoward! He also taught me to drink, and HOW NOT to make a fool of myself! LOL! It was only MUCH later that I learned how my brother in law had often, unbeknown to me, ensured one way or another, that I would wake up with such a severe hang-over the next morning that I very SOON lost the desire to drink more than one or two drinks! The moral of the story? I was TAUGHT through EXPERIENCE by someone who CARED! I would have learned nothing through DENIAL!

It is in fact, high time for humanity to START addressing the issue of sex, and to strive towards UNDER-STANDING its TRUE and PROPER role within life!