Will-to-fight, the, versus aggression from Warriors' Experience

  • Will-to-fight, the, versus aggression
  • Aggression, versus the will-to-fight
  • Proactive, being


Théun, I find myself becoming more and more aggressive. But am I right in thinking that aggression can be turned into a force for good?


Is it REALLY aggression you are feeling, or is it more the WILL-TO-FIGHT? :) People only become aggressive when they feel FRUSTRATED, and frustration comes about when one TRIES to accomplish something by going about it in a NICE way and thereby SUPPRESSING the will-to-fight!

When one is being PRO-ACTIVE in MAKING things happen, with no desire to be nice, or to seek approval, one is never left feeling frustrated - perhaps CHALLENGED in becoming even MORE pro-active - but never frustrated. Being pro-active means EXERCISING the will-to-fight by DIRECTING it towards achieving what you want to achieve, and therefore this energy is never truly aggressive in the normal sense of the word. However, by exercising the will-to-fight and being pro-active one often acquires labels along the way, labels such as, "forceful," "pushy," "a soul in a hurry," "determined," "undeviating," "relentless," "uncompromising," etc.