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Théun, is it then not wrong for me as a man to have sex with another man?


Okay, so I see that you are still stuck on the right-and-wrong page! So let us talk about what is right and what is wrong, shall we?

X, according to universal law it is undoubtedly wrong to have sex with someone of one's own gender! This much is indisputable! However, it is EQUALLY wrong to JUDGE something, to judge ANY-THING, according to one's understanding of universal law! This too is indisputable!

So is it then not WISE to rather ask, "WHY is it wrong to have sex with someone of my own gender?" Or better still, "WHY, according to MY understanding of universal law, is it wrong to have sex with someone of my own gender?" And if we take this even further still, "Why, if I KNOW that I, X, am heterosexual, do I feel this inner drive to have sex with another man?" This then brings forth the question, "What is YOUR understanding of heterosexuality?" Or does this simply mean that you are actually homosexual, but that you are trying to kid yourself? If so, what is YOUR understanding of homosexuality? But if then you KNOW that you are NOT homosexual, then this still does not answer the question, "Why the desire to have sex with another man?" Or was this desire only there with Y? If so, why ONLY with Y? And where did Z come into the picture here? These, my friend, are the SORT of questions you SHOULD be asking yourself IF you TRULY want to LEARN from this experience, instead of being in such a hurry to brush it under the carpet!

Whilst you continue to believe ONLY in the wrongness of your past experience you will KEEP RUNNING AWAY from it, you will LEARN ZERO, and it will KEEP COMING BACK to bite you in the bum again and again, IRRESPECTIVE of HOW determined you are that it is all over, done and dusted!