Zen from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, why don't you like speaking about Zen?


It took me years and years and then MORE years before I finally UNDER-STOOD the meaning of Zen! It was only once I began to see the transcendental nature of dancing that I realised that I HAD lived Zen, albeit in a different form! But never, even in my wildest dreams, would I contemplate trying to guide you all by speaking to you in terms of the transcendental nature of dancing! How does one EX-PLANE the NATURAL POISE of the human body versus the DISCIPLINED BALANCE that is essential to FLIGHT, or to HOVERING in the air? How does one EX-PLANE how the BREATH affects the BALANCE? Hmmm?

So drop the Zen "thing," my friend, and instead FOCUS on LEARNING and on SUPPORTING others THROUGH your learning in Toltec terms. I have dropped the dancing "thing," but I have never STOPPED dancing. I just dance in a very different way now! On that last night at Montserrat I danced for you, partnered by X, and because X and I were not looking forward to saying goodbye the next day we chose to dance comedy, not only for you and for those with us, but primarily for the two of US! :) That dance was our EXPRESSION of the poignancy within two friends who only ever meet at the bus stop!

As you said, you have never laughed or enjoyed yourself so much ever before! You even had a HANG-OVER the next day! :) But did we try to FORCE our dance upon you? No, we just danced with ALL of our hearts, and allowed you to TAKE from the dance what it meant to YOU! THAT, for me, my friend, is the spirit of Zen! Zen is the EXPRESSION of the INNER journey DEMONSTRATED upon the physical plane! It is no different to when Toltecs speak about unconditional love IN ACTION!

So it is NOT about me not wanting to speak about Zen, but rather is it a question of HOW does one speak about the ineffable?