Psychosis, fear within from Warriors' Experience

  • Psychosis, fear within


Théun, for me one of the worst aspects of psychosis is the abnormal level of fear that sometimes just surfaces spontaneously. How should I tackle this fear when it comes up?


The best thing to do when the fear comes up is to play some music. Please play ONLY Bach or Vivaldi when the fear is there. Do not play the music loudly, but at a GENTLE volume. The music of both Bach and Vivaldi is very soothing for the emotions, and also relaxes and cleanses the nervous system. In listening to the music, focus on the music and not on the fear, and allow yourself to FEEL how the music moves through you and around you. As the music begins to build in intensity you will at first feel the tensions rising within you, but stay with the tensions, do not fight them, and then as the music begins to resolve itself you will feel the tension as well as the fear within you also being resolved. It will bring you a sense of peace and well-being.

If the fear comes up when it is not possible to listen to music, then do the Cleansing Breath from the Dreaming Exercise until the fear subsides.