Folly, controlled, explained from Warriors' Experience

  • Folly, controlled, explained


How exactly does one control one's folly?


We either make decisions from the MIND, or we make decisions from the HEART! When we decide from the MIND we THINK we KNOW, we THINK it is the best, we THINK we are CLEVER when we get the results we WANTED, and we THINK we are bad when we get the results we did NOT WANT! But in all of this we are simply the LITTLE SELF busy getting lost in its own delusions of grandeur.

If, on the other hand, we make decisions based upon our HEARTS we KNOW for a fact that we do NOT know, and therefore whatever the results, they are for ever in the realm of an EVOLUTIONARY process, a process that guides us from one step to the next! But in BOTH cases, all our actions, all our decisions, are nothing more than FOLLY, for our fates are going to unfold regardless! So, yes, the wise man, rather than breaking his HEAD trying to figure it all out, simply ACTS upon what FEELS right for him, without prejudice, without preconceptions of what the results SHOULD be, and then ACCEPTS with HUMILITY the consequences of his actions. Such ACCEPTANCE is then in the nature of CONTROLLING his folly, rather than trying to AVOID it!