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  • Perfection(ism), cause of


Théun, can you please give me some guidance on perfectionism?


It may surprise you, but a great MANY people suffer from an overly-developed sense of perfectionism, and its causes are many and varied. But ALL of them come down to social conditioning in one form or another. For example, as a child, teenager and even young adult, I too was an absolute perfectionist. It drove me and everyone around me NUTS! LOL! I was just NEVER good enough in my own eyes, and everything I did I would analyse to DEATH because I felt SURE it HAD to be shit! In my own case this stemmed from having had a father who was an extremely HARSH task-master, and therefore everything I did he criticised, coupled with the fact that I started off my life believing I was stupid and less than in every area I looked at within myself. LOL!