Unknown, the, entering into, results of from Warriors' Experience

  • Unknown, the, entering into, results of
  • Unknown, the, fear of


What does it mean when it is stated that stepping into the Unknown happens only once a lifetime?


There is not much more to grasp with respect to this other than what the words state, namely, that once we TRULY step into the Unknown our lives change forever and there is NO going back! It is impossible to enter the Unknown and to NOT be CHANGED by it. But this is exactly WHY people FEAR leaving behind EVERY-THING they THINK they hold dear to them! People LOVE the IDEA of change and of freedom, but secretly they FEAR it and try their best to AVOID it! Why? Well, will I still be the ME I THINK I am now, once I CHANGE? No, of course not! But then what WILL I become? Who knows? Only YOU can FIND OUT by DOING it!