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How important is trust in a relationship? I ask because I feel my wife and I have lost trust in one another.


It is utterly IMPOSSIBLE to build a relationship on MISTRUST. This is WHY I always WARN people so very strongly about breaking trust, for once trust has been broken we can NEVER restore it! The analogy I always use is that of a diamond. Once a diamond is cracked, it is cracked! We can RE-CUT the diamond so as to remove the ugly crack, but in doing so we have TWO diamonds and no longer ONE diamond! So too with a relationship. Once the trust is broken we can at best "restore" it by working at "re-cutting" and "re-polishing" the diamond, but some-thing is LOST in the process, and that something is true UNITY. It is therefore of UTMOST importance that you search your HEART very DEEPLY and ascertain for yourself whether it is merely your BELIEF in each other which has become impaired, or whether it is truly the TRUST that has been broken! Beliefs CAN be changed, but trust can NEVER be truly restored!