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Théun, what are you seeing within the current world situation? (2006)


I am feeling enormously uplifted by the stance the South Americans are starting to take! I feel this is also so hugely significant in that the people who are taking a stance AGAINST White Imperialism are not the run of the mill politicians, but HUMBLE people who have been voted into power because they truly CARE about their own people! I find huge HOPE in all of this! I am also thrilled to see that the Future, Russia, is finally beginning to flex its muscles in a life-supportive way! Now all we need is for the Arab nations to set aside their petty differences and become UNITED against the forces of materialism and Zionism, and we actually stand a CHANCE of surviving the looming Darkness!

Perhaps this is the time for me to speak about what Nostradamus terms the Anti-Christ, as opposed to what Steiner terms Ahriman. However, I do not feel it is necessary for us to become technical or long-winded about this, so I will keep it VERY brief! :)

Ahriman is NOT a being as such, although it is debatable whether humanity, because of where it is at, may not IN-DEED call forth an EMBODIMENT of Ahriman, in the same way that humanity called forth Hitler. Essentially Ahriman is the SUM-TOTAL of the forces of MATERIALISM and POWER OVER and, as such, is ANTITHETICAL to life as well as to evolution! Steiner SAW that humanity will HAVE to FACE and CONQUER Ahriman who, in the final analysis is not any different to what Toltecs term the Jewish Phenomenon, the ultimate expression of Mother's Awareness. Steiner also SAW that Ahriman will emerge in the WEST, and we are certainly seeing all the signs of this right now within the Western world!

The Anti-Christ, on the other hand, is NOT what the term would indicate. Instead it is a reference Nostradamus makes to a BEING that will emerge in the Middle East, and that will be the embodiment of a REBELLION AGAINST what the Christian Church represents, especially its bias towards Zionism. Therefore the Anti-Christ is NOT against the Christ as such, but is against the Church, its supporters and those who uphold the atrocities of the Zionist movement in the NAME of Christianity. So, yes, as unfortunate as it is, humanity has finally INDULGED itself into MATERIALISING the very thing the Guardians and the Toltecs have feared and warned against the most, namely, a religious war! The Guardians have been quite CLEAR that should this happen evolution upon our planet will be set back HUGELY, and depending upon how such a religious war unfolds They may even HAVE to intervene in the form of bringing about a cataclysm. Over these last two weeks or so I have seen with such clarity the sudden deterioration of evolution as the collective awareness of humanity has plummeted into what I can only describe as a free fall! And yet it is within this very dark period that we suddenly see the "untrained army of men and women" mentioned in the Old Prophecies starting to emerge in what is unfolding in South America and in Lebanon! So perhaps there is hope yet! :)

My real CON-CERN in all of this is NOT so much about the world situation, for this was UNAVOIDABLE, but instead I am deeply concerned about HOW humanity is COMPLACENTLY calling forth the unresolved issues surrounding the cataclysms that destroyed Atlantis. By this, of course, I mean the DOINGS of the Old Sorcerers and their modern successors! Toltecs have always known that we MUST eventually face the consequences of what could NOT be resolved in Atlantis, and we have always known that when this time comes it won't be pretty, but what we had hoped for was that this time round humanity would be better equipped to deal with this challenge than it was then. And what could possibly have been better than the fact that humanity has come of age? The timing is brilliant! But the QUESTION is, "Will this delinquent young adult called humanity, drop its pettiness, its GROSS self-centredness and its sense of SUPREME arrogance in RISING to MEET the challenge which is already UPON us, or are we going to HAVE to have the shit beaten out of us?"

What can we do? In terms of world events there is NOT much we CAN do, but as INDIVIDUALS that CAN make a difference we can DO our ALL in LIVING the utterly IMPECCABLE lives of true warriors! In this way we SUPPORT the forces of the will-to-good in a most POWER-FULL way at this DIRE moment in time. And as I have said MANY times already, every DROP in the bucket is ONE MORE drop that had not been there before!

So, dear friends, THIS is the opportunity we are ALL being given to CREATE the world we would like to live in, and we CAN do this by CREATING the world AROUND us! So let us SEIZE this opportunity with BOTH HANDS and give it our ALL by EACH of us CREATING around ourselves, and to the very BEST of our ABILITY, the world we would like to live in. It starts with you and me, and we CAN do it, just because we WANT to do it and because we CAN do it! :)