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I recently learned that it is the Freemasons that are responsible for the takeover of the world's banking systems. And what I found particularly interesting in this story is how prominently the Star of David features in all Masonic Lodges. Is this story true?


Yes! Sadly this IS true! Once Operative Masonry had become lost and Free Masons started with Speculative Masonry, the whole of Free Masonry became corrupted beyond imagination! The Free Masons themselves took what was once a SACRED GIFT to humanity from Sirius, and turned it into something far worse than the Christians have done with Christianity. And by far the WORST offenders were the Male Craft Lodges who turned the world-wide Brotherhood into a network for big business, financing, insurance and, yes, banking too! People like Rothschild and Rockefeller, together with many, MANY more, were often allowed to BUY their way into the Brotherhood and so, of course, in time, took over the entire network of Masons the world over! It was THE perfect bid for power, for the Brotherhood was vast, spread throughout the world, and a religious organisation that was allowed to operate in secrecy for it has absolute RELIGIOUS IMMUNITY, even more so than the Christian Church! It was the perfect COVER-UP the Old Sorcerers needed. Who would EVER have suspected that the much RESPECTED Free Masons would be getting up to all sorts of nonsense when Masonry is supposed to be about working for the UPLIFTMENT of humanity and of ALL life upon our planet?

Furthermore, when Operative Masonry died, there was a huge effort made by MANY well-meaning but thoroughly MISGUIDED souls who tried to revive the power of Masonry through the introduction of the Jewish Qabala. Unfortunately, by then the secrets of the Qabala had also been lost, and therefore the only thing these misguided souls managed to do was to bring into Free Masonry a HUGE Jewish, or more precisely, Zionist influence, the result of which caused Free Masonry to become INUNDATED with shrewd Zionists who saw within the world-wide Brotherhood their gap to start net-working politics as well! So, yes, apart from the Star of David, which incidentally is NOT Jewish as the Jews claim, but a hugely esoteric symbol, there is today a HUGE amount of ZIONISM that permeates Free Masonry! Even the rituals have been rewritten according to the Jewish Tradition.

The reason I joined Free Masonry was to see if I could PERHAPS do SOME-THING about restoring the lost secrets, but I came up against such HUGE resistance that I was left with no choice other than to leave! And although it breaks my heart to see Free Masonry being PROSTITUTED to the UNWHOLESOME practices of the Old Sorcerers, I was nonetheless also enormously RELIEVED to leave this now God-forsaken brotherhood to rot, as it is busy doing! Thankfully Free Masonry is beginning to die everywhere, and one lodge after another is being closed down because they no longer have the required number of people to maintain their Constitutions. Needless to say though, those lodges which are still useful to the Zionists are still being kept alive, but they are today nothing more than dens of power-hungry thieves! Even the Christian Church, with all of its wickedness, deception and lies, is not a patch on the DARKNESS that now utilises the FORM of Free Masonry!