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What makes sharing different to talking?


It is good that you have come to realise that there is SHARING and there is TALKING! Sharing quite literally involves the SEXUAL ACT, as in the ACT of PERCEPTION, that is, CONCEPTION, whereas talking is just talking or the bouncing around of ideas! But this is a MOST difficult CONCEPT to explain! So perhaps an analogy or two may help you get a FEELING for this.

I can TALK to you, and in talking to you, I can SAY to you, "Y, I love you!" Alternatively I can SHARE with you, and in that sharing I can SHOW you that I love you! Which would MEAN more to you, the first or the second example?


What is the difference?

The first is a STATEMENT, and ANY statement needs to be CORROBORATED in order to be TRUE! An ACTION, however, speaks for itself, in that it IS the CORROBORATION of the UNSPOKEN statement! Does this mean anything to you? If not, then ponder it until you DO get the FEELING behind these words.

Technically speaking, SHARING is an ACT, whereas TALKING or CONVERSATION is the INTENT to engage in SHARING should the NEED to do so become MUTUAL! So when I EN-COURAGE you all to SHARE, my words are not meant lightly, or frivolously, for I KNOW from experience that to truly SHARE is an ACT of the HEART that is in every POSSIBLE way a COMMITMENT for better or for worse! Yet TALKING or CONVERSING is cheap, for it is merely a PLAY on WORDS that COULD have any possible NUMBER of meanings, and hence the NEED for the warrior to be able to LISTEN as in COMBING THE SHADOWS.

It really does NOT matter WHAT you tell ANYONE! What DOES matter though, is your MOTIVE in that telling! For example, I can TELL you that I am nagal. From what I tell you, you can come to any NUMBER of conclusions as to what this may or may not mean! Or I can simply SHOW you the nagal whilst TALKING about the most MUNDANE subjects, and then you will have NO NEED to second-guess anything! <g> Are you starting to get a feeling for what I am trying to SHARE with you? :)

As contradictory as this may SOUND, at the end of the day WORDS in themselves have ZERO value or power, but the INTENT behind the words is ALL-POWERFUL! So I can TELL you that I love you, and I can even mean it, and still it will not NECESSARILY be true! But if I SHARE with you my love for you, you will KNOW I love you, even IF I never say it! So, yes, the warrior does NOT share willy-nilly, even though he or she may be a SUPERB speaker and a GREAT conversationalist! Perhaps the closest analogy one can find is by correlating this with what can only be termed the true ARTIST versus the competent PERFORMER! Both are performers in the technical sense, but the performer simply TALKS to you, whilst the artist SPEAKS to you, SHARES with you!

In the Bible it is stated that "God SPOKE and then there was LIGHT!" It does not state that "God TALKED and then there was light!" <g> Most people talk and talk and talk, exhausting both themselves and their listeners! But when one truly SPEAKS, both speaker and listener BE-COME energised and uplifted! I do not wish to be crude, but in relating this back to the ONE energy, the sexual energy, TALKING is like having sex on a BORING Sunday afternoon! It SEEMED like a good IDEA, but LACKS the IMPETUS to go anywhere, and is therefore to all INTENTS and PURPOSES simply IMPOTENT! SPEAKING or SHARING, on the other hand, is fuelled by INTENT and is therefore most POTENT and filled with true POWER!

I trust this guidance has answered your question.