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  • Teachings, the Toltec, versus, the true teachings
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Théun, you have taught us that in order to fullfil our fate we choose not only the circumstances of our birth, but also the country and the culture into which we are born. How then does one justify emigration? Is emigration not just an escapism from one's fate?


Every word of what you have said here is true! And yet, once we have acquired the experience or the knowledge we need from anything within the life we have called forth for ourselves, then what do we DO with it, and where do we GO from there? The only TRUE guidance I can give you with respect to this is to follow your heart! But perhaps it would be more useful to you if I were to use myself as an example. It is a long story, but I will keep it brief! :)

I was born in Zimbabwe - then known as Rhodesia - and I loved that country with all my heart! But as I GREW UP I started to feel that in order to pursue my DREAMS I would have to leave my country of birth, including the family I loved very deeply. So the day came when I left, promising myself that I would return to my beloved family and country as soon as I could manage to do so. I went to South Africa and started a NEW life in pursuit of my dreams. Yet I never forgot my love for my family and for Zimbabwe.

Then one day I returned home. The experience was shocking! Everything looked exactly the same as when I had left a few years before, and yet I KNEW I had BE-COME a stranger in a strange land amongst strangers, meaning my family. I was devastated. It felt to me as if I had returned to my beloved only to find her having married someone else in my absence! I felt grief like I have never ever experienced it before, and worse still, I felt my life had ended. As insane as it sounds, I felt betrayed! Feeling betrayed I could no longer see any point in continuing to pursue my dreams if I was doing it only for me. It was only then when I realised that when I had set forth to pursue my dreams, THINKING I was doing it for me, I had UNCONSCIOUSLY done it for the love and the acknowledgement of my loved ones, and that if I was going to survive the sense of loss I was feeling the time had come for me to leave once more, but this time doing it for ME! That realisation gave me the COURAGE to pack my BAGS, to bid both my family and my beloved country FARE-WELL, and to LEAVE. I left, but I left holding within my heart everything I held dear to me. The result was that I left with a very HEAVY heart! LOL!

As I continued upon my journey ALONE I finally LEARNED that ANY life, no matter how dear to us it may be, is merely a STEPPING STONE that dissolves behind us as we step from one "stone" to the next. Herein for me lies the utter poignancy of life, for EVERY stone, in order for it to be a stone, must be made SOLID before we can step upon it to take the next step! What makes a stone a stone, what makes a life Life, is our INTENT to make it SOLID, but once made solid it has served its purpose, and it is time to MOVE on, for such is the meaning of our journey, not within life, but UPON life! :) And in the final analysis, is this not what we MOST need to LEARN?

The nagal has created this "stone" we term the manifested universe in order to serve Its purpose, and in this we all play our part in making this stone solid! We call this process by many names, and we refer to it in many ways, but it remains always the SAME process, namely, LEARNING that we are NOT the stone, but instead we are the CREATORS of this stone we look upon as reality. It is merely the identification with FORM that leads to the misperception that we are the stone and therefore within life. No. The lives we create are merely the stepping stones we need in our journey UPON life - the manifested universe. In this respect ALL is life, but not THE Life! Consequently we say, "The stone and I are one," for how can I not be the stone if the stone is a TRUE EXPRESSION of me? And, yes, I make the stone solid by dreaming it into existence and making it in my LIKENESS! But still I remain that unfathomable mystery I am trying to uncover! And so I keep creating more and more stepping stones, more and more lives, all in the LIKENESS of me so that I may look upon these EXPRESSIONS of me and thereby come to uncover a little more of the mystery that is the true me!

I know that what I have shared is very left-sided, but I have purposely spoken to you from the heart, my friend, in the hope that this will EN-COURAGE you to follow your OWN heart! :) X, ALL of the teachings are true, including the bit you quote about fate. But what fate, X? And what teachings? Are the teachings not merely the stepping stones leading us to the TRUE teachings that can never be verbalised? And is fate not that which leads us into the unfoldment of DESTINY? :)

Following on from this we may ask, "So where then is home?" But is home not where the heart lies? This is why Toltecs state that no SUN-RISE finds the warrior where SUN-SET left him! Yet does this make the sunrise more important than the sunset? Is the sunset not our point of departure into the NEWNESS of a Life that is forever NASCENT? As the old world order continues to crumble around us, are we going to use the teachings to JUSTIFY our OBSESSION with the SUN-SET, or are we going to turn to the EAST and walk into existence a new SUN-RISE? :)