United States of America, and the Zionists from Warriors' Experience

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Théun, can you share more with us about the current world situation? (2006)


More and more can I see how utterly all-pervasive has become the control of the Zionists WORLD-WIDE! There are VERY few places left which they do not control. Furthermore, the USA government, the ENTIRE government, is now under the FULL control of its Jewish pay-masters! Neither Bush nor the Senate or Congress can make a move without the consent of their pay-masters! As one man who chooses to remain anonymous has stated, "Senate and Congress are Jewish occupied territory!"

The Zionists, as I explained to you before, have been behind ALL of the major wars in the world, and they WANT the Third World War - it is only a matter of time! Last night I had a dream about this. I will not bore you with the dream, but I saw clearly how the war raging on the surface of the planet was being controlled and directed from a vast underground operation! Strangely enough, I was also shown how for the moment the Zionists APPEAR to be pro-Catholic! But I knew it was a clever move to control the Catholic Church and to use it too as a weapon serving their foul purposes.

The American people, rather than choosing to learn from their folly, have instead chosen to be knelt. But it is exactly herein that lies the hope, not only for the USA, but also for the rest of the world! When the Americans are knelt the rest of the world will have no choice other than to FIGHT for their freedom! The rot has set in too far to be avoided or undone. Only destruction on a grand scale will bring into force the Power of Liberation through Intent! The Tower cannot stand much longer, for the arrogance of the Old Sorcerers has no bounds - they will move for world domination not too long from now! Once they do we will see unmitigated evil being released until such time as humanity is forced to activate its Intent against whole-sale destruction!

Also, do not be hoodwinked by people like Chomsky and Shamir! People such as these may APPEAR to be with the Sons of Man, but believe me, they have their own hidden agendas! In times of great need there have always been those who parade as "friends" for their own gain! Trust only your OWN hearts in the times ahead! The Zionists are all working towards world domination, but sooner or later the shit will begin to hit the fan as some of them move towards supremacy within their own ranks! The Old Sorcerers have always been, and continue to be, a DIVIDED den of thieves! Herein too lies MUCH hope for us all!

Am I feeling pessimistic? No! I feel challenged, YES! But we have at our disposal an amazing OPPORTUNITY like never before!